Inner verse External Realities

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Inner verse External Realities

Postby Price » 26 Feb 2017 08:04

It is easy to get most people to agree that the external world is real, and is outside of ourselves. It goes on out into infinity, or at least beyond known science. It is really really big and it is outside of us. It is also infinitely small. You keep looking smaller and smaller and it keeps on going...atoms..quirks.. it keeps going.

I go to sleep and I have experiences of flying in space. Inner space that goes on for infinity, or at least beyond my knowing.

So if there is infinite external space, and infinite internal space. Then I am just this lens, or line, or membrane between these two infinite worlds.

This is important because people often belittle dreams as some weird fluke in your brain. That it is all happening in my head, but if feels as if it is happening in another world, and infinite world.

Also I have had WILDs where I leave my sleeping body and am walking around in the "waking world". Which means that inside my head is a model of the external world. More then that. That our body picks of signals from eyes, ears, touch and mixes them up in a matrix and projects my experience of the world. So really my experience of the external world is only ever experienced in my head. So I don't really know what you look like, I just know what my picture of you in my head is. Then when you die, all I am left with is this picture of you in my head, but that is all I really had to begin with.

My father died and now all I have is him in my dreams. He comes and visits and we talk. So what is this. Is this all in my head, and if so what does that really mean about the nature of reality and truth

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Re: Inner verse External Realities

Postby lucidé » 26 Feb 2017 17:26

Yes, I have had lucid dreams about characters before and what the real world appears to be like before while flying around it before, on occasions when I look at the characters' faces, they end later representing someone in real life (like that time, when I looked at the character's face who was throwing the woman in the dumpster, it was the same person who ended up confessing about it on TV), but I don't usually worry about some of characters that represent people in real life too much when flying around in a lucid dream, just because it doesn't concern me. In rare cases if they represent family members or friends I know, I might use my lucid dreams to watch out for them, except that I cannot be detected by them, or almost any character like that in my lucid dream. The only ones I can usually play around with are the animals (or the babies). They can see through my super invisibility or whatever it is that keeps the characters from detecting me, and the animals absolutely like me in my lucid dreams, because sometimes I will play with them. It becomes hilarious what the characters end up saying to their animals because they cannot detect me, making it seem like the characters are the ignorant ones, and the animals are the smart ones. "You stupid dog, stop barking at nothing!" Or "Stop running around in circles".

Not sure about meeting them in your dreams themselves, but it is probably to give you closure, and I recommend you keep going with it to help with that. My lucid dreams, I am a bit unusual, I seem to use some sort of "time travel" and any family member or friend I meet appears in "young adult" form and has no disabilities (and it is completely accurate to what they really appeared as at that age as well, which is why I am concluding on the time travel theory). I figured out myself what I was going to appear as when I grew up for the same reason due to the appearance of my dream body, but I've played with low probability many times (maybe I should play the mega lottery, and see if I can win). Unlike you, I didn't use them for closure. In one of my cases, one of my characters I didn't know from the past but with the accurate appearance found out soon afterwards came to my aid when I desperately needed to dream heal myself once in a life threatening lucid dream. It would be the only time where I was actually trying to get out of a lucid dream, and get back to reality.
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