New thoughts on dream signs.

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New thoughts on dream signs.

Postby Stankwagon » 02 Mar 2017 21:43

I've been thinking about conventional dream signs. Dream signs being those things you look for that are commonly repeated in dreams tipping an unsuspecting dreamer off to the fact that, at that very moment they are dreaming. This is all very common knowledge, even for a person seeking their first lucid dream knows to look for that dead granny who keeps showing up again and again, wearing a soggy diaper screaming passed her toothless gums " help! I shitted myself". They know to look for the monster that keeps showing up over and over. What I don't think most dreamers are aware of is that these physical dream signs are fine, but what they should really be on the look out for is how they FEEL about the monsters In their dreams. Emotions and thoughts should be our dream signs, not figures or things. We should be on the lookout for fear, not what causes us to fear. We should be on the lookout for confusion, anxiety, frustration, hate, etc. Look for extreme feelings, especially negative feelings. Why should we do this? Several good reasons. First, it's a well known fact that 75% of dreams are negative in nature. so it's a good chance if you feel fear in some way, you are dreaming. So unlike uncle Fred who occurs In your dreams once every six months fingerings his belly button, and licking his lips, causing you run for your life. the feeling of fear he commands over you is much more common and much more important. Considering you have six dreams a night , at lease one of those is bound to have a negatively charged vibe to it. Thus fear is more common then WHAT you fear.
Second, Dealing with emotions and learning to control and overcome them and their tributaries is much more important than becoming lucid for the sake of lucidity. If in our dreams we see our nemesis and can stand our ground and let the fear wash over us and then become lucid, perhaps we have accomplished something greater than just lucidity?
Third, diving into dreams, is diving into emotion itself. Perhaps our subconscious mind is in fact the seat of emotion. To explore our dreams is to explore how we feel. Maybe with time you will come to see lucid dreaming as I do. To see that dreams are a training ground built for the body to ever come fear itself and possibly to transcend emotion all together.

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Re: New thoughts on dream signs.

Postby Sean Jacobs » 02 Mar 2017 22:52

Hi Stankwagon. Very good observation regarding emotion. I have found that physical dream signs alone rarely lead to lucidity. Once we are in a dream even the strangest dream signs "feel" normal. Just in the last week Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cam & Mitchell (from Modern Family), and my wife's dead grandmother showed up in my dreams and didn't cause me to question my reality. I have been in strange places like Ireland eating lunch with my dead father and took no notice. I also agree that emotion is typically causes me to become lucid, and that emotion is almost always frustration caused by confusion. It is when something doesn't makes sense, for example in my latest lucid dream I sprinted up a hill and when I got to the top I noticed I wasn't even breathing hard. This didn't make any sense to me. I was confused and became frustrated because I didn't understand why I wasn't winded. That is when it dawned on me that I was dreaming. I have also had fear trigger lucidity. I was late for a flight, realized I forgot my ticket and was afraid that my company would make me pay for the flight. I did a reality check out of the desperate hope that I was dreaming.

The only issue is that when we are dreaming we have a tendency to play along with the narrative of the dream, even when it makes no sense and is unrealistically scary. We react as we would in real life. The trick is finding a way to break free of the assumption that a dream is reality.

I disagree that most dreams are contain negative emotions. I have fairly good dream recall and the majority of my dreams are just boring and involve very little strong emotion (just last night I was doing nothing but mundane things in my dream)....although I wish they would, as it would greatly increase the chance of me becoming lucid as I mentioned above about missing my flight. Strong negative emotion does lead me to do reality checks, so I need more nightmares. But my overall life if fairy boring and happy, hence my dream life is fairly boring and happy.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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