Forgetting end of my second Lucid Dream

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Forgetting end of my second Lucid Dream

Postby Maxthedoom » 05 Mar 2017 07:45

Hello everyone!
So,I've been trying to Lucid dream for 33 days so far.
I've had my first lucid dream 25 days into the attempt.I've been playing a mobile game,and something that quite simply shouldn't be able to happen in the game happened,and I realized I was dreaming.Then I wanted to pinch my nose and try breathing through it,to get the feel of it.I looked down,and it was as if I didn't exsist!I had no hands,but I didn't have anything else!This caused me to wake up.Even though some would consider this a "fail",I thought it was very interesting and amusing.
My second lucid dream happened last night.
When I woke up in the morning,I couldn't remember any dreams,besides the one I remembered when I woke up during the night,which I recorded.I lingered in bed for a while since it's sunday,and I simply got the memory of having a lucid dream.I don't remember the first thing that was happening,only that I was on my computer,or at the very least,sitting on my chair.I got up and decided "Eh,why not make a reality check." I tried to pinch my nose and try breathing with my mouth closed.It was as if my nose slipped through my fingers,and inhaled.I realized I was dreaming,and tried not to get too excited,and I didn't.I looked at my hands,to see if there is anything diffrent about them,but I honestly don't know what I found out about them,if anything.I decided to leave my room.I slightly opened the door and closed it.I thought "Let's try my first dose of dream control!".
I wanted a character to appear behind the door after I opened it.It was a coplex character,one from a video game.She came to my mind,and I wanted to rather think of someone else,but it was as if I couldn't think of anyone else.I opened the door,but alas,she wasn't there.Then,a thought came to my mind."Perhaps I should shout something so that something could be achived!"My next thought was "What if I looked silly because of that?What if I actually shout that in the real world?"
I don't remember the rest.I don't know the beginning of the beginning,and I don't know how the dream contionued.I have a couple of theories,and one of them is that my last thought(the one where I thought I would look silly shouting) actually caused me to forget I was dreaming,and continued the dream in a non lucid,non vivid,and non memorable experience.What are your thoughts?Or is this simply normal and that's how the dream ended?
Do a reality check.

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Re: Forgetting end of my second Lucid Dream

Postby Sean Jacobs » 07 Mar 2017 13:25

Hi Maxthedoom. It is fairly common for people who are new to lucid dreaming to lose lucidity over the course of a lucid dream. It is very easy to slip back into the narrative of the dream. One trick is to keep reminding yourself that you are dreaming by saying out loud "I'm dreaming" every few minutes. That will keep your conscious mind engaged.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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