Short Beginner LDs- Any Tips?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Short Beginner LDs- Any Tips?

Postby shawnart » 08 Mar 2017 09:13

I've had a small handful of successes with lucid dreaming and would like to learn how to improve the experience, extend it and make it more vivid. I feel like my dreamscapes are empty and abandoned and any dream characters around don't speak. I also can't recall the small details, like what the inside of the car looks like or how things feel, as if those details don't exist. The only time I've felt things is when I purposefully sought to, and then it was a poor imitation of the real thing.

Any thoughts on the subject are appreciated :)

2/21/16 Between 7:30am-9am

I was outside somewhere at night with Devin when I became lucid. We were getting into a black SUV(I think) that was ours, he was driving. I tried to tell him I was dreaming but I couldn’t speak. I tried rubbing my hands together, but it wasn’t the same. It was difficult to maintain clarity of mind. I put my hands on the hood of the car and willed myself to speak and asked Devin, “Where are we?” He just smiled at me and got in the car. I did too and we were transported to a hospital. It was empty and bluish. I asked him why we were here and where it was, but he wouldn’t answer. I asked again and again, getting upset he wouldn’t answer. Thinking how I should have more control over my dream. Then I woke up.

2/22/16 Between 6 & 7am

Devin and I were driving in what I think was the same car as yesterday's dream, black SUV, when I became lucid. I decided I wanted to go to the beach, which we could see off in the distance. I asked Devin to give me his hand, which he put up stiffly, like a mannequin. I grabbed it and tried to blink us there, but nothing happened. So I drove us off the edge of the road, which was a steep drop off, and we floated to the beach below. The sky opened up as we came down and the clouds looked like dolphins. We ran to the shoreline of a large body of dark, calm water. I’m pretty sure I’ve dreamt of this place before. I decided to try and kiss Devin, who hasn’t said a word, and it sent a literal tingling sensation through me.(It was the only thing I actually felt at all in the dream.) I wanted to walk on the water, but I turned around and Devin was gone. He was sitting up at the top of the beach. I saw him talking but I couldn’t hear him. I was excited to be able to talk to him finally and ran up to him. I tried asking him questions, but I couldn’t speak. As I fought with the invasion of sleep paralysis I drifted out of lucidity.

3/7/16 Morning

I was driving in the car with Jenn in the passenger seat, we were pulling out of Oak st when I became lucid. I immediately pulled over and told Jenn to get out. She wasn’t upset at all, actually she cheerily agreed she should do that, but couldn’t get out for some reason. I decided to let that go and take her along with me. We continued driving and I noticed a lot of houses had christmas lights up. I imagined the car as a sleigh and pulled back the reins and we flew up about roof height. We flew through the neighborhoods singing christmas songs. I don't recall hearing her sing though. I struggled to sing/project my voice and tried imagining I had a microphone on, it worked instantly, my voice even sounded nicer. We landed in a city street that was blanketed with about 3 inches of snow. I stooped and touched the snow to see how it would feel. It wasn’t wet or cold, but still had a snow texture. I put it in my mouth and could feel the texture, but it was a dull resemblance to the real thing. I lost lucidity while trying to shovel snow in my mouth like I thought it would help hold onto it.

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Re: Short Beginner LDs- Any Tips?

Postby AI360 » 08 Mar 2017 23:02

I think that it is very good that you have achieved this type of lucidity the next thing that you should do to make your lucid dreams more vivid and have full control over them is use the wild technique it is very good and is so realistic that sometimes I forgot I was dreaming you can also have lucidity on demand I will post the link down below just copy and past it

Good luck hope you achieve full lucidity and by the way don't give up ;) ;) ;)

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