Real Memory or Not?

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Real Memory or Not?

Postby barter » 10 Mar 2017 02:34

"The Memory Exception Have you ever recalled a memory of something trivial then realized it wasn't a real memory - but a recollection of a dream? For a moment you were fooled." ~ Rebecca Turner

I am 74 years old. I am recalling "false" memories, I suppose from my dreams but I am not sure. But instead of being fooled for a moment, I am fooled for hours, sometimes days.

Related to this I am not remembering at all something I wrote just an hour ago.

Also related, I read something, like the shopping list my wife gives me and while I am shopping the list has changed. (I know that it has not really changed but my basket is filled with the wrong items.) I have a strong memory of what I thought I read on the original list an I am dumbfounded that the list is actually different.

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Sean Jacobs
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Re: Real Memory or Not?

Postby Sean Jacobs » 13 Mar 2017 17:00

Hi Barter. Dream memories are "real" memories. You are actually experiencing the things that happen in your dreams, they just take place in the perfect virtual reality environment of your brain. There is a theory that deja vu is actually cause by seeing something in reality that is very similar to something of which you had dreamt about in the past.

I'm not sure if what you are speaking of is related to false memories from dreams. The example of the shopping list poses a problem because most people can't read written words in dreams. So, it is unlikely that you would remember a different list of items you had seen in a dream. You could however be accessing actual memories of things that were on past grocery lists.

Are you on any medication? Back in my early 20's I was on an anti-depressant that, for the first few months of taking it, would cause me to have amazing memory recall. I could very clearly remember events from young childhood (prior to 8 years old) with incredible clarity. But, after a few months that side effect word off.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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