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Postby ColorfulDreamer » 10 Mar 2017 20:23

Hello! New on this forum, still learning to lucid dream. I've had a couple... semi-lucid dreams that I couldn't really control and am hoping for a completely lucid dream later on. Ever since I could talk, I've had a big imagination and a sense of adventure, which initially is what lead to my wanting to become a lucid dreamer. I think it would be an interesting experience to be able to do "anything" in a lucid world. I have a couple goals, my first is to have a sincere, stable, "non-falling-into-a-frustrating-dark-void" dream. My others are, learn to fly, talk to dream characters and essentially piss them off, throw myself into an action scene from a book (Don't judge, it's a REALLY good action scene), ask my "inner self" some questions, become a criminal (NOT FOR REAL) and a couple more. I do have 2 questions.
1- Any tips on stabilizing a dream so it's not blurry?
2- Any tips on preforming a WILD?
3- Any of you guys have lucid goals you want/have achieved?
Please share, any responses are appreciated
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Postby lucidé » 11 Mar 2017 03:36

1-To have a non-blurry lucid dream just takes time and a lot of practice. When I first started lucid dreaming, I was unable to speak, and it took nearly a whole year of lucid dreaming before I was able to concentrate in my lucid dreams enough so I could learn to use my voice.
2- Try waking yourself up around 3:30AM and then attempting the technique. Then concentrate while keeping your body still on keeping your mind awake while you feel your body slowly fall asleep.
3- I probably accomplished most of my goals by now. My main goal is to escape reality at night, but I'd be glad to assist you with yours.

About your goals:
1. To solve the falling into frustrating dark void dream when you become lucid, why not turn it into a sky diving lucid dream? Or like you said in your second lucid dream goal #2, learn to fly your way out of the void.
2. One thing I find that helped with flying techniques in my lucid dreams was learning all sorts of tricks in the water while swimming. The physics in water are somewhat similar to if you were to defy gravity and fly in the air in a lucid dream.
3. I really enjoy torturing characters myself, especially ones I shape to look like the people who are my enemies in real life. You could do more than just annoy them and get away with it. Have you ever thought about killing characters like you do on the Sims?
4. I do exactly the same thing, I am into Multimedia, so sometimes I role play the characters and stories I am creating for the class I am in. It is rather fun, and in a lucid dream, sometimes you can even twist the story into your own fun customized version, like in this cartoon:
5. That might be an interesting one. I haven't tried it.
6. Yes, it can be kind of fun being the bad guy sometimes, and trying to run away from the cops. As long as you aren't convicted of something REALLY bad.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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Postby Sean Jacobs » 13 Mar 2017 13:00

Welcome ColorfulDreamer. You have some great goals planned. It sounds like they all involve becoming more lucid in your dreams, to the point where you have a high level of control. That will come with practice.

Lucide has provided some great information in response to your questions, but I'll chime in as well.
1. For stabilizing your dream: Engaged your senses to draw you attention to your dream body and away from your real body. You can rub your hands together; speak to yourself out loud ("I'm Dreaming!"); Touch, smell, taste, hear, and look closely at things in your dream.
2. I cannot help with WILD as it never works for me because I suffer from insomnia.
3. My current #1 lucid goal is to get lucid more often...ultimately every night, but I will take 2-3 times per week for now. Currently I am in a dry spell.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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