Is it ok to use kindle during WBTB/WILD

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Is it ok to use kindle during WBTB/WILD

Postby ColorfulDreamer » 11 Mar 2017 17:30

Hi, quick question,
When performing WILD, I've decided that staying awake for a little bit (5-10 mins) will work better for me. One of the ways I can get relaxed is reading, I'm not a super human so reading physical books in the dark isn't an option. I was wondering, is it ok to read on a kindle (paperwhite) or will this make it harder to fall asleep?
Responses appreciated,

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Re: Is it ok to use kindle during WBTB/WILD

Postby lucidé » 11 Mar 2017 19:23

Some people electronics makes it harder to induce a WILD with, while some it makes it easier.
I used to watch TV when I was little, and didn't move my body while watching the TV, and would induce WILDs because I was distracting my mind while my body was falling asleep.
If you are the type where reading makes it easier to concentrate, then concentrate on it and not your body, keep yourself still. I would probably time the kindle so it will auto-flip the pages for you after about 5 minutes, so you don't even have to touch the kindle to flip the pages. Prop it so you can properly see the kindle, and plug it in so the batteries don't die. Read for as long as it makes you feel relaxed. It might even start helping you induce the technique.
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Re: Is it ok to use kindle during WBTB/WILD

Postby jasmine2 » 11 Mar 2017 21:58

There are reports that looking at the light frequencies from computers screens before bedtime can impair the production of brain chemicals associated with sleep. It may help to wear orange sunglasses when you are reading your kindle at night.

See article -
- "Why I Wear Orange Sunglasses At Night (To block blue light) - - Wellness Mama

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