Dreaming of being diagnosed with a disease. Meaning?

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Dreaming of being diagnosed with a disease. Meaning?

Postby callisto » 14 Mar 2017 14:36

I dreamed of going with my friend to the hospital/lab to have some medical examinations and they told me I had HIV/AIDS.
I cant remember much about the dream but it got me anxious for days thinking about it.
Anyone has any idea what could it mean?

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Re: Dreaming of being diagnosed with a disease. Meaning?

Postby lucidé » 14 Mar 2017 20:21

I wouldn't worry too much about having the disease in real life. It can sometimes happen when you exchange bodily fluids with someone who also has the disease, but if you still aren't sure, I would go to a doctor, and get a blood test.
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Re: Dreaming of being diagnosed with a disease. Meaning?

Postby jasmine2 » 15 Mar 2017 01:45

If I dreamed about having a certain type of disease, I think I would consult a doctor, in case the dream had a literal meaning.

However, sometimes, dreams may use metaphorical language to express emotional situations. For instance -

In families or cultures which have very strict beliefs about what is sinful regarding sexual behavior, some individuals are treated like outcasts because they are gay, or have a heterosexual relationship outside of marriage. This could trigger symbolic dreams about having a sexually transmitted disease.

Or, if a person lives in a home situation where he/she can not freely express personal and opinions and ideas, this could result in dreams about having a throat ailment, or difficulty in being able to stand ("to stand up for yourself").

Or, feeling deep sadness or grief may be call forth a dream about having heart disease.

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