I feel like someone else is controlling my dreams

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I feel like someone else is controlling my dreams

Postby tjb » 16 Mar 2017 19:04

Hello. I have just joined this forum. I experience lucid drems almost daily. I am a WILD dreamer. My problem is, I feel as if an outside person or group is controlling my dreams. It probably sounds crazy, but I experience people talking to me in the dream as if they have control. I experience wonderful dreams but it always turns out bad. Sex scenes turn horrible. At the end of some dreams I hear a voice telling me welcome to the best day without people. Then I usually get something thrown at me and I wake up with a sensation and immediately know I cannot go back to sleep and dream anymore. I'm sure it's probably a subconcious thing but it's very bothersome. Just looking for dreamers that may have experience with this. I love my lucid experiences but they cause worry. I do have the ability to control things at times, but always have a bad experience during my dream. Any help would be great. Thanks dreamers.

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Re: I feel like someone else is controlling my dreams

Postby Silence » 16 Mar 2017 20:38

Hi mate! I dont have the same trouble but... i have some ideas for you..

Next dream try to found the one whos controling your dreaming, talk with him, get all the info you can. It may happend cause u are afraid of it once you are dreaming, our mind its petry tricky some times. Best of lucks mate!
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Re: I feel like someone else is controlling my dreams

Postby lucidé » 16 Mar 2017 22:02

I've been having WILDs everyday since I was a child, and I haven't had any issues like this. I think what you need to do is confront your issue and attempt to learn how to control it.
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