Proposed to my ex-girlfriend

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Proposed to my ex-girlfriend

Postby sski » 22 Mar 2017 04:42

Prior to the dream, a couple of days ago, I decided to stop all contact with my ex-girlfriend.
We had an "almost" mutual break-up after 6 years, she did leave me but I understood it to be for the best at the time.
After a couple of months, we started contacting each-other on occasion, and meeting with other groups of friends.
We would meet once every couple of months. During this time, I knew that she had gotten over me; she had had plenty of time to think about breaking up prior to leaving me. However, it was very sudden for me at the time so every time I meet her, mixed emotions would appear every time. It was almost as if I would take one step forward, then two steps back every time I had contact with my ex.
A few days ago, a year and a half after the breakup, she contacted me again. She was asking some very personal questions about my life, things that I was doing on certain days and about my friends that I didn't know she knew about. Things that only myself and my friend should know.
This event that she was asking was about a day that my friend asked me to keep a secret, the event itself doesn't feel particularly like anything too important to me, but my ex was asking me about the specific day and people that I met on that day. Why would she ask about exactly the day that my friend told me to tell no-one about? It made me feel so many emotions, confusion, anger, distrust... I decided that I have had enough. I loved her dearly at the time, and want to just keep the good memories and move on with my life. So I called her, told her how I had felt since breaking up, and that we should no-longer meet or talk to eachother, for the both of us. We wished eachother well and that was the end of it.
Since then, during the day I feel as though a burden has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can finally move on.
Yet, last night, I dreamt myself proposing to my ex. The ring that I proposed to her with was strange. It was a golden engagement ring with a big white stone, with the ring we both used to wear while we were together on the inside of the new ring. I don't remember much about where I proposed to her, it was some sort of room. The moment I proposed, it felt like the hardest thing I had ever done. It took every bit of courage I had in me.
She declined the proposal, saying sorry repeatedly. I then threw myself into her arms, and cried. At first she resisted, but then let me just cry in her arms. There was a real feeling of sadness.It felt like a long dream, I just kept crying into her arms.
And that's it. I feel confused again, what was that all about? I don't feel too sad waking up though.

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Re: Proposed to my ex-girlfriend

Postby AI360 » 25 Mar 2017 20:56

I think because you were thinking about it too much then it got into ur dream or maybe U were thinkin about it before you fell asleep

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