My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Dipak » 22 Mar 2017 06:37

Chapter – 46

Accompaniment of devotees

213. 14th January, 1977. Friday.
Early morning dream: Along with a devotee Dilip Ghosh I was staying in a house . We were having conversations about Sri Jibankrishna. At one time I asked him, ‘Will you go to Alpukur with me’? He agreed. I again said, ‘But not more than one or two days’. He said, ‘Yes, of course, not more than that’ and after this I woke up.

[Recently frequently I have been seeing Dilip Ghosh in my dream. This is not only creating attraction within the seer about this particular devotee but also may indicate something more for namesake which can be realized in future. ]

Revelation of the seer’s spiritual condition

214. 20th January , 1977. Thursday.
Early morning dream: One unknown person, showing me a written matter asked to explain. I noticed that in that matter one part was written by ink which concluded the yogic version. While explaining the same, my head nodded left and right. Seeing this one person said, ‘While saying about yoga, this is manifested in his body’. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream reveals the spiritual condition of the seer. The yogic part of the written matter although remains unknown, but it is expressed within the body of the seer which means that in future this unknown part will be manifested within the seer.]

Vision of Manikin God or Manusratan

215 . 23rd January, 1977, Sunday.
Early morning dream: First I saw Raghunath Sen , a devotee and then I saw myself roaming at Esplanade area with a great delight in mind and again I saw Dilip Ghosh whom I used to see in dream very frequently in recent days. He got up into a private bus along with me and then he disappeared. After a while, looking back from the bus, I saw a procession of trucks on the road coming towards us. Each truck was full of bald headed Vaisnabas (Worshipper of Lord Vishnu in Hindu religion) wearing loin cloth dyed with red ochre and having a tuft of never cut hair on the back of the head. They were coming from backside and then after crossing the bus were vanishing one by one. When the last truck came, I saw on the truck about one and half feet tall Vaisnaba with a turf of never cut hair on the back of the bald head and wearing the same dress like others standing on the truck was enchanting the name of the God ‘Hari’ (the highest level God of the Hindu Purana).
At first I thought him to be a boy, but after noticing minutely realized that he was a dwarf man and he was the key man of the whole procession. Then I woke up.

[Instantly it flashed in my mind, Oh ! this was the manikin ( Manusratan in Hindu mythology) ! After long years I saw a picture of the king Bali and the manikin or the incarnation of Lord Visnhu of Purana and recognized that I saw in my dream the manikin of the same kind.
After a long time I realized that the dream seen on 24.12.76 where I saw the descent of Mahabayu was the indication of the highest level of austerity in descent when this manikin form of God incarnation is seen.]

Accompaniment of devotees

216 . 30th January, 1977. Sunday.
Early morning dream: I again saw Dilip Ghosh in my dream at Makardah of Howrah District . There I saw another old devotee Sudhindranath Sinha along with many other devotees. All had assembled together having spiritual discussions, The dream here went off.

[It is noteworthy that such dream showing the accompaniment of devotees always appear either before or after any special type of vision. This means that such dream either increases the brain power to bear the force of a very special type of realization before or after.]

Indication of wide circulation of Jibankrishna cult in future

217 . 4th February, 1977. Friday.
Early morning dream: I met a junior ex-student named Anil of the Agricultural College at the previous hostel. He was describing many facts about Sri Jibankrishna in a very humorous way. I was listening to it and at the same time went on thinking—once Sri Jibankrishna saw in his dream a devotee named Anil Krishna Nath and explained that Mahabayu or the Great Life Force came under his control. So I became surprised about the fact that this student’s name was also Anil, means Mahabayu! Then the dream went off.

[The dream may be a future indication when the name of Sri Jibankrishna will be widely spread through Mahabayu or Great Life Force among the human race. ]

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Re: My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby Summerlander » 24 Mar 2017 03:05

Oh no. :mrgreen:
"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

- Padmasambhava

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Re: My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby lucidé » 24 Mar 2017 05:26
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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Re: My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

Postby HAGART » 30 Mar 2017 05:20

We are finally up to February 1977 after the last one ended January 1977. Each of these posts span a month.
Just another 481 more to catch up to March 2017.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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