A Compilation of Lucid Dream Transitions

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A Compilation of Lucid Dream Transitions

Postby HAGART » 26 Mar 2017 05:36

Whether it's a WILD or after a lucid dream and you continue into another one, many odd occurrences can happen as we start out a lucid dream fully conscious. A few years ago, someone encouraged me to find all of mine from my journal to compare with them and see if there are similarities. I would like to do that here and bet many of you can relate to these excerpts from my dream journal. 

This may be very long and boring to some, but fascinating to those who are interested. It's an on-going project, but I need to start somewhere to give me motivation to compile these and hear some of yours as well to see just how similar and yet different they can be. To me, it's like a snow flake. All are the same and yet different like a finger print. I just used two analogies there, but whatever. 

Without further ado, I will send my accounts of all the sensations I have experienced in chronological order from the start and get this ball rolling. It may get long, and I will either edit this first post to add the others, or do it later in a reply, but this is a great project for me to see just how far I have come and also help others understand just how strange the feelings can be sometimes as our senses go a bit haywire entering a dream consciously.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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Re: A Compilation of Lucid Dream Transitions

Postby HAGART » 26 Mar 2017 05:37

I didn't realize how long this was! This is still from back in 2011, and I have more I plan to add as I search through my dream journal in the future. This may win the prize for Longest Post Ever, and Most Edited Post Ever in due time as I keep adding to it.

I haven't read this in a while, but will after I copy and paste. Like I said, I want to start this, and know it will be very helpful for me and perhaps others, but I can't be a perfectionist about the writing of it. There are a few misspellings and bad grammar, as pretty much all our dream journals have, I'm sure. I started writing this before ever learning about lucid dreaming, so it's also in my own layman's terms as it was all new to me at the time. I wonder how these experiences progress over the years.

The names of people and places don't need to be explained, but a few things might, so as I go through it, I will add some of my own commentary to add insight in bold type.


Friday, September 9, 2011

In a bed, and notice I can see partially through gaping holes in the wall to the inside of a garage. (Dog Lake Garage). Guy is there and asks me if I know how to use an 'address finder'. I say no , but he shows me this thing anyway. I tell him to let me use google, but I don't want to get out of the bed partially dressed. I then see a map (like google) with a you are here type of arrow and a highlighted (green) route that follows the squiggles of a road. He is in Hong Kong. I tell him the machine is showing him where to go from where he is right now, not from where he is suppose to be and that's why it's not working properly. I think this is how it started and how I became aware of my dreaming.

I was hovering over a city (Hong Kong) and then I plunge into the ground and find my self in a weightless environment. ... Then I am in a room with Shawn and Sharon and David etc., I jump around like Jackie Chan on top of things. I telepathically push Shawn into walls, and feel a little sorry. Then Steven is there and I do the same to him. He is upset and wants to get me, but I keep pushing him back. Growing tired of it, and not wanting him to get me, I retreat to the safety of the weightless environment area. In there, I find it hard to know what is up and what is down. Then I start to feel myself awakening.

(Hypnagogic State)
I keep my eyes closed. Images flash and then they begin to animate. It turned into a baseball game, sorta old style picture (light washed out colors, sped up frame rate). I was watching a baseball game like a TV. I saw someone pitch a ball. But it wasn't 100% clear. The peripheral areas were white washed like a dream sequence on TV. I am aware that I am in bed and can feel my body position. I remind myself that this can easily turn into a false awakening.

And it does. I hear voices and throw the sheets off (they were covering my head). I see to people with i dunno, English burglar hats? They are trying to get me for some reason so I run out. I do a quick reality check by making something move, and am elated to discover this was still a dream. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

I awaken, but remain in a slight dream. I hear a blender (in real life). I am in a bed in a small room. I try to go back to dream state of mind, but hear a loud ringing in my ears and my limbs are shaking, vibrating wildly. I know it's just a false awakening and watch my feet shake. When I awaken, the ringing stops and I am not shaking. But my mind was kinda trembling, or shaking, or vibrating inside.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I am in half-dream. I am in a bed, but outside. I hear footsteps ascending some steps. I think it's going to be Marina, but it doesn't look like her at all. She is wearing yellow. Looks kinda exotic. She gets in the bed and we embrace and she sinks right into me and disappears. 

Another half-dream. I hear buzzing sound. I feel like I am walking, but the image is not very vivid. I enter a house. It's a basement. Feels kinda creepy, but outside there is a birthday party. I go outside and it is brighter and green. No party but a forest. I feel my hand stroking my balls and I try to picture women. I see three in the distance. I hear techno-trance music, but when I become aware that I am making it, it stops. At some point I see still images flashing before me. I hear crickets chirping and I am on a road with trees to the right. I realize the ringing noise has become crickets chirping noise. I think earlier in the forest I may have heard cicadas. I see a guy that looks creepy. He is larger than me and wearing coveralls. I keep walking but it feels like he is following. I feel one of my hands is on my balls and the other is on my face. ( A little embarrassing, but I want to keep it real. This is one of my first times feeling a dual perception of my body, as some have dubbed, your physical body, and your "dream body" ) My thumb is sticking out and I fear it will poke my eye. I awaken and my hands were resting on my chest and belly the whole time, as I lay on my back. 

Another half-dream. I am in what feels like the kitchen in Whitby. I am fiddling with a toy. It's base with holes in it and you put red pegs in the holes. Look like golf tees. Reminds me of that wooden dice-rolling baseball game I got for Christmas from Linda. I am missing one peg. I get the feeling that small fireworks will shoot out of it when it works. I see some steps in the corner of the kitchen where the pantry once was. They are narrow spiral steps. I hear a guys voice and don't want to go down with him there. Then it stops so I walk down. The room feels like the bar area in River Ridge. Nick and Sacha are playing on a blanket and there is a girl with them. I ask if she wants to have sex. Then I awaken. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am in bed with topaz. (That was one of my two dogs at the time) She is resting on top of me. I don't want her to get shocked by accident with her shock collar so I take it off. She gets nervous with it off. There's a pole I can feel by my side. It's the handle of a garden tool, I think the sod shovel. Then I awake and realize topaz is to the right of me and her head is over the edge of the bed, about to fall out. I help her slide off out, but there is a blue recycling box in the way. I place her in front or beside. I can feel the garden tool is still by my side, but don't think it odd at all. Then I see a dark phantom figure at the doorway and it spooks me. It feels like an entity, but when I look at it, it is just a shadowy blob, but the size of a person. Then I realize it might be a dream. I close my 'eyes' and start to feel the familiar 'slipping in to lucid dream feeling'. I tell myself that it wasn't real, there is nobody else there and my body is safe. I hear a din, buzzing noise and start to see colors swirl and some take shape. (Hypnagogic Visuals) I think I saw the monolisa or some sort of portrait painting. I wasn't getting any closer to a lucid dream so I throw the 'covers' off. I am well aware that it may become another false awakening. 

I can't get up, or speak. I must have sleep paralysis. I try to yell, but only some air escaping and quiet moans are the noises I can make. It must have been loud enough because mom hears them and comes in the room. (I think it odd later that she didn't turn on the light. I think I was expecting her to, but the dream wouldn't have been able to support the detail. I didn't allow myself to go through the lucid color phase.) I try to speak and it is loud enough, but I can't form words like my lips don't work. I get movement in my right hand and point at me and then give a thumbs up sign. I start to feel like I am getting more and more control of my body. Then I wake up. (But it's a false awakening)

Friday, September 30, 2011

I am in bed. The sheets are moving like something is pulling them up. I sorta have control over it so I'm not scared. I realize it must be a false awakening. So I 'get up' and the room is small.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I keep my eyes closed and see an image of a document, and await hypnagognia. I open my eyes and find myself in my room. It's a bit foggy, and I figure there is a good chance it is a false awakening. I see the phantom at the foot of my bed. Shadowy tendrils reach out from the bottom of my bed and stroke me like fingers. Some tug on the sheets. I feel slightly paralyzed and shutter in fear. I bed my real body was shuddering as I slept. Then I decide enough is enough and I grab a tendril and punch it. I see a little flash of red like blood and the 'screen' becomes an image on a computer like I had just completed a game successfully. There is a button that reads: STRIKE!. I click it and the 'screen' goes blank. I open my eyes I think the first time I was a bit disoriented and didn't know the people there. There were 2 and one was David I think. So I close my eyes again and this time I awaken in the same bed.


I forget from which dream, but I found myself with the entity again. I am going to call him PEE-WEE from now on. I think the name will make it less frightening. This time I figure I will just go under the covers and it will go away, but it didn't. It grabbed my hands from behind the sheets and spoke in a deep satanic voice. It spoke gibberish like the end-guy in DOOM. I from behind the covers I raise my middle fingers and scream, "FUCK YOU!" Then immediately it stopped. I open my eyes and see my sheets as I lay on my side. I could tell just by the colors that this was the 'real' world.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I go back to bed. Then one time PEE-WEE shows up. I fight him right away. I punched it like I did yesterday, but it still persisted. I grabbed a tendril and pulled it. It snapped a piece off and I threw it on the floor. Eventually, I won. I think I woke up after that. Or it may have been this next dream...


Actually I think this led to this. I kept my eyes closed. I knew I had just come out of a dream. I didn't want to open them for fear of PEE-WEE. I feel a weight on my back ( I am laying on my stomach). Like something is pushing on me, but the bed is resisting. (or sitting on me). I also feel a small thing pushing on my leg. Like this force is not uniform, but pushing in patches and some are pushing side-ways not directly down. Then I feel like I sink into the mattress lower than my body. My body drifts down too but slower. I feel some vibrations and it is pitch black. I have a feeling PEE-WEE will be there if I try to awaken, and then he may be sitting on me. But I feel no fear. In fact, I am smiling and joyful. I sink again, and it feels deeper. Again the body drifts down to catch up, but it still feels deeper. Then I suddenly sink again. Feel like about a foot each time. Then either because I heard a noise or I broke concentration (subconsciously purposefully), I wake up.

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Sheets pulled off, and shrink wrap

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am in bed. It's a FA nightmare. (False Awakening Nightmare) Mom walks into the room and is at the foot of my bed. She is Bobo/Pee-wee/bubbles. (Those were the nicknames I use to have for this 'shadow entity'. I first called it Pee-Wee, but then I thought of Pee-Wee Herman attacking me in bed and that's even more scary! :D Then I thought "Bubbles" is a cute nickname to give it a bubbly personality, and eventually, I settled on Bobo. It's just a funny name to me to make it less scary and overcome it.) She presses down on my legs. I fight a little and then try to relax. My hands flutter under the covers like they have a life of their own. They flutter like a butterfly and rise up from under the sheets. I have a small pink piece of paper in my hand. Something for taking down notes with (like a dream journal perhaps). I try to scream, but only make weird groaning noises. There was a shelf on the wall beside my bed and I tear it down to attract mom's attention. I get up and try to leave the room, but feel attached to the bed by a rubber band. There is some tension and resistance but I soon 'snap' free. I step outside and start slamming a sliding door to my room. It is thin wood with a design carved in it, so you can see through it partially. I slam it open and closed to get mom's attention. I know she would be pissed if I broke it, but I don't care. I go downstairs and not entirely sure if my actual body is walking around the house (I know things are not as they seem and I am in a dream state, but I may very well be sleep walking). I grab a pencil downstairs near the kitchen and look for a piece of paper to write on. I see only receipts and don't want to mess them up. I finally see something I can write on and I write the word: UP. Then suddenly I feel some puke well up in my throat, and I have the pen casing up to my mouth and some comes out. I look in the bathroom and there is puke on the floor there too. Brown and liquid with no chunks. I go to the toilet and I puke some more. Then I wake up for real (or had some more FA's) but when I do I almost still taste puke in the back of my throat. I am on my back with my palms resting gently on my chest. I didn't move an inch. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am in bed and starting to drift off to sleep. I see 4 people on a stage and their heads are just a mop of white hair. Bodies are female I think and dressed in black. Then I hear the M*A*S*H theme song and figure mom must be watching TV downstairs. I hear Alan Aalda and frank burns bickering. Something about the pronunciation of Lamentious, or ...... that's not the word but similar. The story sounds coherent like an actual episode. I even laugh at a line and hear canned laughter. Then there is something about a black man. Of course I wake up to find out it was all an illusion.


I don't know if it was when I experienced the above, but there was a time when I sorta felt like my left hand was pressed against my left temple and yet could also feel my both hands folded over my chest. I concluded that the one on my temple was a fake and when I awoke, it was. Like I needed to feel it there to help concentrate. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

At one point I was in a hynagognic state and could "see" through my eyelids to the wall beside the bed. There where patterns like wall paper and it would change sometimes. I felt my body sink and the patterns stayed in place to reflect that. I sank only a few inches at a time, maybe 4 or so. 


I had a FA nightmare, and I rode it out and awoke. It real life (or so I thought) my sheets began to move as though a force was doing it. I yell and run out of my room. I kick a ball, a toy for Topaz that doesn't exist in real life. It bounces back and forth at the top of the steps. I am a little hysterical, and pumping with adrenaline. Mom wakes up and comes out of her room. I tell her it's something that happens from time to time and I'll tell her about it in the morning. I don't remember if I returned to the bed, but I awaken for real and am relieved. I don't have to tell mom anything and there is no embarrassing moment.


In fact according to my notes, I didn't awaken at all. It was a FA nightmare. I sense a dark presence, but it is not too intense. I hear grandma in real life is up and feel it will mitigate the terror. I see a mirror thing on the wall up high at the foot-side of my bed. It has a yellow or golden frame around it and is shaped a bit like a shield. Pointed at the bottom. I see a dark shadowing figure come out, disappear and come out of it again. Like it is the source. Then it starts to take shape. It looks like mom, but a really creepy version. This one was the most vivid image and it was startling and unnerving. I start to feel paralyzed as well. I feel like it wasn't mitigated at all, but intensified. I fight her and I think I had her in a choke hold. Then I think, "what am I doing?" Maybe I can try loving it, and I stroke my mom's chin. Immediately the fear vanishes and is replaces with overwhelming love and joy. I clasped her hands in mine and I may have kissed them, but I said, "I'll make you proud." I saw a little flashes of light too. Then I wake up. Or so I thought.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

(after a lucid dream) I keep my eyes closed. Every now and then my ears start to hear the din, but it doesn't get there. I can already tell BoBo won't be there. I can just feel it. Then I awaken. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

(in a non-lucid)
I am in bed with sheets and an invisible entity pulls them off and bunches them up and drops them on the floor. I reach out to touch it but it is just out of reach. I search for a camera and fear it may be downstairs (which it is in real life), but I find it. I put the sheets back on and await. I feel it pull the sheets off again and I fumble with the camera. When I finally get it on and point it at the entity it vanishes. Then I wake up into another dream.

I realize it was a dream and I had no camera. I realize that even the camera was a dream and incapable of recording. I need to use a real camera to record. Someone else needs to do it. I tell mom about the entity. She is not believing me and mocks me. She says, "so I show up at the door way here, and then I am at the foot of your bed here?" I say, "yea, and now I think I know how you felt the sheets get pulled off after dad died". (My father died about 16 years ago, and shortly after, my mother told me one night she felt her bed sheets being pulled off and thought it was him doing it as a ghost. I was telling her that what she experienced must have been a dream because I know the sensation now first hand from my dreams recently). I see dad on a top bunk looking down at me. He is kinda evil looking and reaches an open hand out with fingers splayed. There is something in the center of his palm and I grab it. It's like a greeting though. 

I start to wonder if it is a good idea to tell mom, because it may effect my dreams now. I am walking around and looking at grass. I see a bed on some dirt and that is where I am going to sleep now.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

(From almost-lucid)
It starts to fade slowly and I feel myself waking up.

I try to remain dreaming. It faded much slower that usual. I feel my arm is a little numb and move my hand away from under my head. I lay face down and feel the 'pressing' feeling. I worry I may not breath so I turn my head to the side. I feel the pressing. I hear a buzz, but it doesn't last long. Then another buzz. I get transparent eyes and see patterns. I try 'closing' my eyes and 'opening' them, but that does nothing. I eventually wake up so I open my eyes. Which is probably a good thing because my arm and hand were quite numb. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

(from almost lucid at the end of a dream)
I wake up in a bed and there is an orange glow in the room and it feels like a pumpkin is nearby. The pillow it far from my head, I have halfway down the bed, with my feet hanging off. I start to feel the familiar feeling that BoBo will appear. I fear that my legs are hanging too far off, that's where BoBo will be, but I know it is a false awakening and my legs aren't really there and it will correct itself when he shows up. I cover my eyes with my 'hands', but it is no good. They become translucent and then disappear altogether. I feel a little fear at first, but the tendrils touching me tickle and I am in a fit of laughter. I feel a little pain like I am being tickled too much, and fear it may not stop. I grab the two main tendrils in one hand and I feel them with the other. It feels like 2 fingers. I talk to BoBo and say so you have 2 fingers. I can feel others poking me, but they are not the main ones. It starts to feel like a cat walking on me, like how Minet walked on me it was uncomfortable. I see a black cat now on my belly and the colors around it are like an aura and it is very colorful. Red, blue, yellow, all colors. I feel a tremendous about of joy and can't help but smile. I am elated, not from the cat. Perhaps from the absence of fear. I pet the cat and feel great. Then I slowly fade back to reality.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(Mind couldn't go to sleep for long. I kept waking up repeatedly. I eventually started to see flashes of orange or red, yellow light when I closed my eyes. I lots of weird, creepy imagery. Strange faces, monkey/people faces. In the morning, I finally started to get some REM sleep and had multiple false awakenings.)


I awaken to BOBO. I don't remember if I even had an initial fear, but if I did it was short lived. Bobo shape shifted a little and I saw him as a brown fox. Then he was a black cat in bed with me and extremely frisky. Brushing his cheeks against me and moving in circles. I pet him and feel extremely happy. I can't help but smile and I enjoy myself. The smile is genuine (more genuine than one I have had in a long time, if ever) and I let it creep across my face and it uses cheek muscles I thought I never had. I can't remember the last time I smiled like that and my eyes were that widened in real life. 

I see some other cats in the room and I get up. There are about 3 altogether, one may have been Bobo, but for not really, that phase had passed. I was now a lucid wanderer. One cat jumped in my hand and was the size of my hand. It looked like Minet. I think the other was Rhea and the other was probably the Bobo cat. They were affectionate and I felt full of joy, but they're claws dug in my skin a bit as they clambered all over me. I consider what to do in this fake false house reality....


I feel in a hypnagognic state. It is dark and sort like Bobo, but I don't see or feel him. I do however feel something poking up my anus. The size of a finger or two and feels like there is an entity, force behind it. (is Bobo gay? Lol, I wasn't loling then) It's not that painful but very humiliating and uncomfortable. Now it starts to feel like it is my jeans or underwear riding up severely like an inch in. I reach down to my anus and feel something. I grip it and it is shaped like a T and I put my index and middle finger on either side. I'm not going to let this guy go I think to my self. I begin to pull and contort my body and get a view of my anus. The thing is a about an inch long, width of a finger and at the tip it looks like a belly button. Like an outtie in my ass. I peel back the skin at the tip of the 'ass button' and am quite astonished to see 2 very tiny eyes staring at me. They have no eyelids. And they bulge a bit. Round staring eyes. I am kinda out of my body now cause I see the head of the person who had just looked at his own ass and he was African decent. I got the feeling the guy in the butt was black too. I got the feeling that this guy, or me was flipped inside out. Like he is either one or the other and never both. Like in the previous dream he was one guy and now someone else. 


I start to awaken, but my eyes don't open. Try as I may, they remain closed. I can't speak either, but manage to moan words. I hear topaz get on the sofa and mom curses at me and slams the door. It's a loud banging noise. I feel the paralysis, slight squeezing of Bobo. I remain calm and within 10 seconds I feel the grip loosen and I get up. (lucid dream at Casa Del Sol with the 3 other lucid dreamers)
(I didn't get up for real. It was in a vivid dream and went downstairs, fully lucid, and met some interesting dream characters that also seemed well aware it was a lucid dream too. That's another story though. These are just a list of the transitional experiences, sensations only).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I feel my breathing is slightly laboured and my nose is clogged. I hear, not loud, but snoring that I assume is coming from my body. I feel like my face must be buried in a pillow in real life and after i awaken I will have to blow my nose. I didn't want to blow my nose in the dream cause I thought I would expel snot in real life. I decide to voluntarily wake up. I go the center of the living room and feel myself get lifted from my body, my arms raise a little and then the familiar feeling of sinking into the waking body. 

I was sleeping on my right side, no head in pillow, and no clogged nose. Maybe slightly obstructed but that's it. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

I feel and see bobo near my head where the kid came from. He doesn't touch me but has waving tenticals. I reach and grab some and 'hold his hands'. I don't feel extreme euphoria, but I don't feel fear either. I embrace the darkness and cover my eyes. It is completely black. Then I start to see some light shining through the cracks of my fingers. It is pink. I remove my hands and I sorta see and image but it is upside down. It turns over (or I turn over) and see that it is an anime picture of young Bulma from Dragon Ball, and she is in a see of pink. I try messing around with her. Goku is there though and annoying. Then it starts to fade but I keep my eyes closed.

I feel someone sit right beside me in bed like it is clear as day. I feel a butt depression form to my right where there is no wall. It is right in the middle of the bed, beside my waist. I feel my legs get pressed like something is sitting on them. I feel a short sinking feeling and then it stops. Then I sink again and it stops. I put my hands over my eyes again and this time, I see a bright white light streaming between the cracks of my fingers. I hear a high pitch ringing noise. 


(after lucid dream)
I keep my eyes closed. I feel my legs being pressed or held down. I feel my body sink, but this time it is not in spurts, or at least they are much longer. I hear a buzzing sound and my ears vibrate (like how I can do right now when I flex and move my ears). I start to see a black and white image of the bar downstairs, it feel like I am floating above and to an angle. Then I see another angle of the same image, this time lower, looking up. Then I see, in black and white still, a brick wall pattern. It starts to move, and it feels like I am moving. There is an opening and I enter, I turn corners and I think I even went straight down too. There is no horizon, no up or down. Or at least you orientate yourself no matter what so you always feel like up above you and down is below you. I feel more consistently level now, and the area starts to get more vast, but still very vague and dark. No detail. Then I sink further in the ground. It is a square hole just larger than myself. I first think of being lowered into the ground after death. Like I was in a coffin. I sink further and further now. It is out of control. It feels like an elevator and I see floors wiz by sometimes. They are lit up, while the rest of the shaft is dark. Every now and then a square, yellowish light whizzes by. I get the feeling the elevator can stop at any one of these and a Lucid Dream can ensue from there. But I just let my body sink and sink. Finally it reaches the bottom. I am in a small room barely bigger than my self but it is well lit and feels very real, and vivid. I see a circular light fixture on what appears to be a futuristic door. There is no knob, but I pull a latch or something, I think I used both hands to twist something, maybe like a submarine door. I feel like a dream world should be in behind. The door pushes in on it's own but only half a foot or so and stops. There are cement walls around me, and it feels like I am very deep under the ground. My ears feel the pressure it is so deep. I can't find a way out and look up. The ceiling is starting to close in. I am almost relieved that I won't spend eternity down here. I start to feel that this maybe some sort of a test. Like someone is testing my resolve. I look up again, and there are spikes hanging down on my left side, which is the door side now. It kinda looks like a chainsaw too, a chain that goes along the tips of the various sized spikes. I step to the side and press my body as much as it will go against the wall to avoid the spike side. I decide enough is enough and I should wake up. I press my palms together and feel myself get pulled out from that body, out the back, and then I feel I am gently placed back into my laying body in bed. I keep my eyes closed still, and almost go back to the same state, but it fades and I wake up. I keep my eyes closed, but I can just tell by my consciousness that I am awake. When I open my eyes, the room is dark. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I decide to go to 'sleep' there and see what happens. (It must have been while in a lucid dream that I did this. It's interesting to try to sleep in a lucid dream). Almost immediately, I feel the trembling, buzzing and Bobo and all that. Then rhea is there and sits on my belly. I await hypnagogic imagery and am surprised that they become in colour so fast. I see a still image of cartoon characters and then they start to move and then I can hear them. They are like the characters from family guy and it is as though I am watching Family Guy, but no episode I know of. I try to change it and make some sexy anime appear. I see one scroll from the bottom up and she has nice legs so I make her scroll back down again. It is a still image over the animated episode still going on behind. There are several other images. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

At one point, near the beginning of sleep, I remember having a sleep paralysis moment. I wasn't lucid though, it was like a dream and took a while before I remembered it. I tried to yell and couldn't. I didn't care if my real body was yelling and I woke up and scared mom, I tried to yell as loud as I could. I just moaned however. I have no idea if my real body was moaning. I think I was trying to wake up mom so I would have proof that my real body was yelling. I didn't wake up though and must have slipped into a dream.


I was watching television, and it was like an anime. A boy and girl in school uniform, talking. I knew I was dreaming and wanted to write down the conversation verbatim. So I start scribbling on a piece of paper and hope it will be legible after I wake up. The only thing I remember now is mentioning Chairman Mao and the Ayatollah. I looked down at he sheet of paper and I was writing over top of my resume (I was using the back of it recently), but I was surprised how small the lettering was and how precise my lining was. I realize I can see a little around the TV., so really I could go anywhere in this lucid dream. I look around and realize I am in bed. I try to get up and I do almost instantly without having to remove bed sheets. I am about to walk through a wall (the room is a bit different, the wall had a counter top I think and maybe a sink).

(Same dream later)
It starts to fade and I keep my eyes closed. I almost awaken, but start to see hypnagogic imagery. I think it was this one where I saw some kids jumping into the 'picture' (like watching a TV with eyes closed) from below like the camera was set at the apex of kids jumping. (reminds of a commercial for Juice Box TV. Or old navy for kids). It is quite vivid and in color, and then I hear some kooky music. Before I know it, it must have been like a snap, I was in a dream. This time however I wasn't lucid anymore. I think perhaps I didn't have a destination in mind.

(Same dream later, not lucid)
I was hypnagogic again at some point. I think it started in black and white and I saw tree tops with no leaves. Then I saw a computer screen. There was a desktop background, forget if it was white or not, but square icons started to appear. Each looked different. And It began to fill the screen. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

(I wrote this a few years later, after it happened, but will never forget it)
It must have started as a dream chain, after a dream ended and I remained perfectly still and awaited a new dream to start. The first thing I remember, I felt like I was riding on a train and had just emerged from a dark tunnel and the track was rising up an incline. I saw a massive metal bridge, very vividly with intricate metal framework. Then I saw my reflection in the glass and my eyes were very wide open and I had a giant smile on my face. I thought to myself, “That’s exactly how I feel right now”.

Then I turned my head and I was now on a crowded bus, and felt more real than any lucid dream I had ever had to date at the time.
(Some of these are a tease just before it get's good, I know.)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

(As you see on my profile to the left, Jan. 5, 2012 is when I joined this forum for the first time, so there should be a turning point after that when I finally began to discuss these experiences with others.)

...Then I start to wake up. The TV Is causing the room to flicker, but I don't remember turning on the TV I knew it wasn't real. Then I feel my body sink. I feel like something just sat beside me. I start to float and roll around the bed. I feel like I am spinning, prone and almost feel some G force. I wait and start to see little flashes of color. I feel like I am flying and I see a tree top below me in black and white. It's leaves are like blossoms. I grab one and it is dry and crunches in my hand. I was amazed how real the feel was even though it wasn't in color. The detail was pretty good though. Then I am in a kitchen, still hovering and I see a gas stove, and above it is a window. I fly through the window and now it is more real, and in color. I am flying above buildings. I see one with a roof top that has palm trees and water. I feel it is the Mirage from Las Vegas. I try to land on it, but when I get close I stop. I can't go any further. Then suddenly I pop, or teleport, right to it. All is a cartoon now, and it is 2-Dimensional, like I am watching a TV


I was in a bed and I new it wasn't real. I tried to sleep again and felt the familiar sinking feelings etc I was floating and moving all over the room. One time I was under a bed, and saw a lot of yellow chocolate wrappers under and assumed they were from me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It was pitch black, and I could feel my eyes rolled upward in my head. I hear a ringing noise in my ears that starts quiet, but gets louder. I see a light, not pure white, but yellowish or golden. It was vague and out of focus, but got closer. It felt like I was viewing it through 'dream eyelids'. Then the light took shape, (all the time the ringing continued). He looked like I was looking at my eyes in the mirror. Just black and golden colored. In fact I think I only saw one eye. It was moving around rapidly. I thought that it may have been doing that in real life, hence REM. Then I see both eyes staring back at me, as though my eyelids were mirrors. They were no longer moving rapidly, and they were calm, not bug eyed. I could see my whole face now, still black and gold, and my hand was gripping my temples, my thumb on my right one, and my middle two fingers on the other. I don't know how it didn't obscure my face, but that's how it felt. It was a fake hand, but I felt it was my true sleeping position in real life. It felt like it helped me concentrate. I hear a banging at my door as if someone desperately wants to get in. I feel like part of me was laying in bed and another was looking behind at the door. Then I started to breath heavily out my nose, and every breath i breathed out, I could feel on the back of my neck. It was slightly warm. That happened 3-5 times and then it started to feel like a stream of cold water was being poured on the back of my neck. I was amazed that it didn't wake me up, a sensation like that should. I see some artwork nearby and I get up to see it. Then I realize I am in a room and I can move freely. I am LUCID again. Perhaps the cold water DID wake me up in a way.
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If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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Re: A Compilation of Lucid Dream Transitions

Postby lucidé » 26 Mar 2017 06:40

You just reminded me I need to update my dream journal as well, thanks for that (Hagart has a LiveJournal dream journal hidden just like I do). If you wish Hagart, you can check what I recently updated in mine. No one has to know what we wrote in our dream journals.
An example of lucid dreaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW7ps_VSPkg (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3X1n5Yny3g

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Re: A Compilation of Lucid Dream Transitions

Postby HAGART » 26 Mar 2017 08:30

Nah, I'll just share it here. I am not done reading this yet.
I find it interesting that I used different terminology back then such as "half dream" and I had to spell check and correct my terminology for "hypnacognic" which I use to use back then.

I wrote it as a layman.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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