First Lucid Dream - Paralysis?

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First Lucid Dream - Paralysis?

Postby Rune » 27 Mar 2017 20:56

Hey all,

I'm super psyched because I just had my first lucid dream last night without expecting it even though it was quite short lived. Decided to make an account on here hoping for tips on how to make them last longer since I was unable to move once I was lucid. It was an exhilarating experience though just realizing that I was in a dream.

A bit of background, I learned about lucid dreaming about a month ago. I tried the WBTB technique since it seemed the easiest to induce in the shortest amount of time. Have not attempted any of the other techniques as of yet. I first downloaded the Awoken application on my phone to remind myself to do reality checks throughout the day, I probably do about 10-20/day, pretty much any time I randomly think about it, which after you do for a while is a lot. I usually don't remember my dreams when I wake up so I started committing to making a dream journal and now it is easier to remember dreams. I can probably remember them every other day or so now, depending on how well I sleep. I attempted the WBTB for a couple days then kinda forgot about it since it wasn't working. Kept doing the dream journal though since some dreams are freaking weird. Its funny to have a collection of weird stories and half the time I read them and am like 'how did I not realize I was dreaming?'. I also continued to do the reality checks intending on attempting lucid dreaming once it was ingrained into my daily routine. So after 3 weeks of not intentionally attempting to lucid dream, last night the reality check habit happened in my dream.

I'm in some bunker that looks like a food court you find at the subway underground, except this bunker is above ground. I approach a table with 2 girls sitting at it and join them. I don't remember the conversation but next thing I know we are outside the building doors and everyone is running in a wild panic. We are in the middle of a forest. Everyone is getting attacked by wild animals. I run down a steep slope into a small valley. An elephant comes stampeding down the slope crushing people along the way. I veer off into some bushes then into a dense wood. So dense I can't see outside and nothing can see in. Suddenly I realize how stupid this scenario is (right?). I look down at my hands. They look blurry and pixelated. It is then when I realize I am dreaming. Suddenly everything turns a light grey and I am wearing a virtual reality headset, one that looks like the one your character wears when you are playing Superhot VR. I put my hands on the headset to take it off, but as soon as I try to lift it I become completely paralyzed. I was in this state for a couple seconds before I woke up. I remember being pissed about not being able to move, but not panicked.

I'm psyched that I realized I was dreaming, but disappointed I was paralyzed for the duration I was lucid. I'm really excited that I managed to become lucid without trying to induce it though. Any reasons why I might have been paralyzed and how I might be able to prevent it in the future? Hoping it was just first time jitters.


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Re: First Lucid Dream - Paralysis?

Postby DreamerMan99 » 28 Mar 2017 21:16

Congratulations! Yes, you were probably just excited. To this day, I sometimes ruin my own lucid dreams due to my own excitement. It's just part of the process but eventually it will get better. WBTB is a good method, but it isn't always the most beneficial to you, especially if you have early morning obligations like school or work.

One method I recommend is to lay in bed in a position that you typically don't sleep well in. Try to have the least amount of light in your room and sound, unless it is white noise like a fan or a humidifier. Do whatever you can to relax, and limit your movement. Eventually, you will feel the onsets of sleep paralysis, like a heavy blanket on your chest. Don't panic! Just continue to relax. Don't control your breathing and just let your thoughts flow. You will begin to see hypnagogic imagery on the back of your eyelids, and if you can manage not getting too excited, this will lead to a lucid dream.

Continue to keep a dream journal, and keep doing reality checks. I would recommend changing your process for them though. Rather than doing them "randomly", or relying on a notification from your phone, I would try to do them everytime you notice a sudden change in reality. Such as, walking into a new room, or seeing something strange, or hearing a weird noise, going to a place you've never been, sudden weather change, sudden light intensity change. I say this because often in a dream, you won't have your phone to notify you, and your mental state is often quite different and you won't be bored enough to remember to randomly check your hands. BUT, your setting changes frequently, the people around you, and quite frankly, a lot of weird shit happens.

Good luck!
Good luck,
Dream on.

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