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Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Online journal by starsofclay

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First entry- 3-30-17

Last night I had a true lucid dream for the first time that I can remember. The dogs woke me up around 2 am to go potty, so when I laid back down I reached into my nightstand and popped two galantamine pills. This is the first time I've had success with them. I tried to remain conscious as I fell back asleep, but as usual, was not successful. Maybe one day. It actually took a while to drift to sleep, even after giving up and rolling over, and I became worried that I took too much galantamine and it was too stimulating. Eventually though, I found myself in dreamland, and without even trying, I was back in the area that was the focus of my previous dream before being awoken. The following is what I wrote in my dream journal, which by the way, this was also my first entry. I have been very lazy about journaling, but have practiced remembering dreams immediately upon awakening, so I guess I still built some sort of connection that way, however I forget the dreams extremely easy afterwards, so I will definitely start journaling now.

I found myself standing at the edge of a large lake at night time and in the distance I could see a large house that was only a part of the backdrop in my previous dream so I decided to fly over there and check it out. As I flew closer, the house changed and reformed from a small white blob into a sort of farmhouse, kind of like the re-texturing you get in video games as you get closer to things, due to lack of processing power. So it made me kind of curious what I was flying towards. When I landed on the dock I reminded myself that I was dreaming and rubbed my hands together. I set my intention that when I enter this farmhouse, which was still a ways away, I will meet my spirit guide. As I walk towards it, I can see the figure of someone entering the house in front of me, but I didn't want to rush things so I figured I'd find out who it was when I get there. Then two people leave the house, a young boy and a woman, who I assume was his mother. The boy runs around to the back of the house and the woman after him. I decide not to follow them but to enter the house to find my spirit guide, as intended. Before I do, something catches my eye by the door, a chalkboard menu sign that had writing on it meant for me. It was writing out a recipe for something, I cant remember the words but I do remember it said I must reduce my sins (actually, I think it said malice) to zero.  Then it turned gibberish so I finally went inside. Inside was pretty much a restaurant /bar, where two dark skinned women where attending. I asked them who they were and they seemed offended. So i introduced myself. I said I am looking for my spirit guide, things get a little fuzzy but eventually I am sent after the kid that ran out the door earlier, who ran around to the back of the house.

It is daytime now.. When I go around back, there's a sort of open air workshop on the right, and another opening in the house on my left. I check out the workshop where a woman is sitting, but I don't recall a conversation with her. What I do remember is trying to read a plaque that is laying on a stool, and I loose focus a few times.  I rub my hands together, and also try spinning around but found that I couldn't. I could turn my head a bit but that was it. I refocused on the plaque on the stool and was able to hyperfocus on certain spots in order to read it. Otherwise it would become very fuzzy. It was a good skill to practice, but ultimately I don't remember what it said and it didn't seem significant anyway. So I raised up and decided to turn back to the house, where there was just a large opening and people inside sitting down to eat a meal. I go inside and begin asking for my spirit guide again. One lady was very hard to hear, and I had to ask her to repeat herself a couple times, then it turned out there wasn't really a lady there but some kind of object that the voice was coming through. I get fed up and turn towards the group of people about to eat at a large table, and say "is anyone here my spirit guide?" One lady raised her hand and I walk to her. Turns out that she still wasn't my spirit guide, but was housing a spirit, who then separated and claimed that she was in fact the spirit guide. At first she had a hard time separating, and argued with the lady that was housing her that she needs to point a certain way because there wasn't enough room at the table. Finally she pops out and floats over to the corner. She was wearing a blue suit type dress, and told me her name but I dont recall it. Remembering that I had heard that if you ask a dc three times who they are, they are not allowed to lie to you the third time, i asked her who she is. She said I'm you. So I asked again. Same answer.  I ended up asking 4 times, and still she answered that she is me. I am a male by the way, ha. In my dream, I completely interpreted that as saying she was my spirit guide, but now I realize she was just another dc or maybe an actual embodiment of myself. So it makes me kind of wonder how lucid I was at this moment now. Anyway, she says she will help me, and she floats over to a door, opens it, and tells me to go down to the basement. I was smart enough to know that this was going to be kind of creepy, but I agreed because I had come all this way, (also because in real life I have been doing nonstop self improvement).

She did not follow, but i bravely went down (which is uncommon for my dream self because he is usually a scardey  cat and avoids scary things when possible). I think I had regained some lucidness at this point, and was anxiously awaiting what was going to happen to me in the basement. When I get down there, it is dark, and I lay down on a couch and suddenly am overwhelmed with voices and the feeling of being pulled in every direction. In a way it was the feeling that people decribe when they separate from their body during astral travel. I get the sense that I am facing myself in some way. I remained brave throughout and just let the experience wash over me. After that is over, I slip into a storyline that there are people hunting me, and I have to slip out of the basement undetected like astealth portion of a video game. Intead of going up the stairs, i find a door that leads outside.  There are people on my right hunting me so I slip off to the left. At the edge of the house there are a line of hunters so I sneak off a little to my right. It is like these are the inhabitants of the little island that I had arrived on. A kid sees me so I didn't want him to alarm the others so I grab him and run up a hill. At this point my lucidness returns and I decide I want to be shown an environment that represents my subconscious. I drop the kid, which kind of made me chuckle, even in my dream because I realized how silly that was, and keep walking up the hill going to see what the environment is going to change into. Nothing really comes of it... It just gets really foggy and eventually I couldn't see anything. Some familiar voices start speaking around me, like I am in a crowd surrounded by people that I know, but it was just too foggy to see anything at all. Next time I'm going to try shouting it out at the top of my lungs, like I have heard will help. This is where the dream ends because my partner wakes me up for the day.

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