I killed three men + recurring dream of shooting

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I killed three men + recurring dream of shooting

Postby kingEarnil » 23 Jul 2012 21:31

I am 19 year old male.

Dream 1
I am in a room with wooden walls. It's dark, probably evening or night. I am lying down on a couch or something, I don't really remember. After all it was regular dream. All of a sudden, someone breaks in through door, attacking me. I know some martial art moves so that I am able to defend myself (not in real life). I lay my hand on a kitchen knife. I slit the man's throat. As this is the most vivid dream I've ever had, I remember his blood covering my hands. I remember the touch. Anyway - this continues with second man breaking in after the death of the first one. I slit his throat too. And lastly, third man comes into the room. Once again I take the knife and cut his throat.

This was the most vivid dream I've ever had. One important thing is - It was not a nightmare. I was not scared at all just like if I was used to killing people. I even find it a little bit funny, it was very absurd.

dream 2
This dream ocurred multiple times already. Some things in it change, like the environment of which I don't remember very much. But the main "plot" is always the same.

I am holding a gun of unknown brand. It is the glock type, not revolver. I am aiming at someone's head and I'm aiming very very carefully so as to shoot him in the mouth or chin. He (or she, I don't remember) is standing only a few meters away. But when I finally fire the shot, I miss a big time. This causes a massive frustration and a sensation of loss or being betrayed, being treated unfairly. When I wake up and immediately remember this dream scene, it's like I still feel echoes of the frustrating feeling.

What do you think of this dream? May my subconsciousness be handling some real life events of unfair nature done to me? I thought about it but couldn't come up with such an event. I may not be realizing I'm treated unwell. Or perhaps it is just another weird dream just like the one above.

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