Chocked by the demon

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Chocked by the demon

Postby Nejc » 01 Apr 2017 22:04

Hey everyone!

I am new here at the forum but I already had some experiences with lucid dreaming and OBEs.
Anyway what I wanted to share was my recent sleep paralysis.
I was in hypnagogic state laying on my stomach, my body tired from work but my mind still processing the day's events. When suddenly I felt my left arm being slowly lifted and dragged on the side. And the next thing I remember was a strong force pulling me out of bed and pushing me against the wall. Next moment I realise it was some sort of large dark silhuette with whispering voice choking me. I couldn't understand what it was saying or in which language, it just sounded upset and trying to tell me something important. At that moment I actually still wasn't really sure if I was dreaming because it felt so damn real and the worst thing was I couldn't move a bit or let a single sound out of my mouth even though I tried as hard as possible. But few horrible moments later I realised it was a dream and decided not to transform it into a lucid one but to just wake up so I started blinking and moving my head really fast which eventually led to a wake up. Even then I was still quite shocked because that could possibly be the worst (or best?) experience of my lucid dreaming.

So that was my little story I just thought to share it with you guys since I just discovered this website and it's forum and see what you think about it.

Have a nice dreaming!

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Re: Chocked by the demon

Postby lucidé » 02 Apr 2017 01:10

What you should do if that happens again, is when you do realize you are dreaming, either try to imagine you are moving. If you cannot do that, imagine you have some sort of superpower, and then kill the demon with that. Or just imagine having a lighter in your hand, and setting that demon's hands on fire, or a gun, and shooting that demon's brain's out.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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Re: Chocked by the demon

Postby Kosky33 » 06 Apr 2017 20:08

Ive always had dreams like this awake and asleep. Ive been told this is sleep paralysis. In one instance I was lying down to go to sleep & right before I fell asleep I was struck with paralysis & couldnt breathe or talk,all the while i could see my real life surroundings. After shaking myself awake then lying back down this happened a 2nd time.The third time of lying back down right as lay my head on my pillow I saw a really tall pale man kneeling next to my bed. His skin was a bluish gray almost corpse like and he was completely nude & had no hair on his head,not shaven but as if there had never been hair there at all. He was staring directly into my face smiling but his smile stretched from ear to ear revealing a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Before I could scream he grabbed my arm with an iron grip with super human strength and as he squeezed not only could I not talk but the harder he squeezed the less I could breathe until I could breath no more. At times I could stop theses things when I was younger. Maybe try imagining yourself in a forcefield,free from the dangers.

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