Demons, faceless men, crucified woman

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Demons, faceless men, crucified woman

Postby Jonaa12 » 05 Apr 2017 22:29


I'm quite new to this forum and once in a blue Monday I have the most peculiar dreams. I had one last night that I would find to be most disturbing, especially what I saw after the dream was not finished. I got called by my room mate when I was in the middle of the end of the dream and I awakened, this is how the dream goes in most details I can remember:

The man without a face, no eyes, no nose only a mouth obviously seemed to be the submissive kind of person, before him in the shadows stood a man with bright yellow eyes, they were ever burning and seemed to glow in the darkness where he stood. The man spoke words I couldn't hear, but he was cut off by the man who stood before him. The man stepped out of the light, he had pointed ears, horns and bright yellow eyes. His skin was red and slightly burned in some places. The man, I like to think of as a demon, whipped the man without even using anything to whip him, he just slapped his hand and the submissive faceless guy started to whimper and to let out cries; "I'm sorry.. It won't happen again."

The dream skips to a location where I meet with the faceless man. He would want to get rid of the thing that haunts him, get rid of the thing that abuses him and uses him for his own personal gain. He speaks to me in a language I don't understand the words of but I do understand the meaning. He is trying to get rid of that demon, trying to get rid of the thing that controls his life, as I look at the man without eyes he seems to have a forked tongue and his skin is pale and grey-ish without much form, the eyes nowhere to be found and most of his face is covered under a hood, a hood that was followed by tattered clothing. His hands were claw-like and missing the pinkies it litterally had three fingers and a thumb. He had tattered wings, as if the feathers were ripped out. The thing begged me, asked me to kill the demon and set him free. I agreed and we made a plan..

The demon later met with his obvious servant and he seemed to have taken in the fact we were going to set him free and murder the man. The demon was enraged and killed the servant with a swift motion of his hand, instantly ending his life and stopping his breathing. He would fall to the floor where the demon tears at his flesh and consumes it. The demon's teeth were pointy and sharp like a carnivore. He had grown wings and his feet were wolf like, in an odd shape to where they seemed to be broken, he could have had hooves, but I couldn't see it. As I approached the scene he would swiftly flee, yelling that "it was not his time to go." he would run and run and run and I would somehow take the heart of the fallen minion and take it to chase the demon.

I saw the demon running into the house and the door slammed shut, the house was tattered and broken and was barely in one piece, I entered the home and the door would shut behind me. I heard the yelling that it was not his time once more. The yelling didn't stop untill a moment where I reached a door in the floor that lead to a room full of sand. The sand was a strange ash-white and the bricks in the walls were black where the cemment was silver-ish. The demon was poorly hidden in the sand as I grabbed him by the horn and pulled him out of the ash-like sand. I would press him against the wall where suddenly the print of a crucified woman in front of a church would hang, she was hooded and her head was hanging. The print was carved into the wall and glowed a divine colour of gold, as soon as I pressed the demon against it, I for no reason pressed the heart against it's throat and I told him to die. Blood oozed from the heart and the blood caused the demon's skin to bleed and burn and I told him; "Die! Die! Die!" The demon yelled; "It's not my time! No! It's not my time!" and the demon would start to burn even more, the fire didn't seem to hurt me and for some reason I was far stronger than him, I pressed him into the print of the crusified woman and he would continue to scream it was not his time. The room would light up and the ashes would fade away from the place where the ashes were was now a black floor, covered in pictures I couldn't place, it was a boat, a burning bush and more, far more signs that started to glow and light up the otherwise dark room. The demon started to catch fire and the demon stated to scream in agony as I would continue to tell him to die! Right before the demon would die I snapped out of the dream because my roommate was calling me.

I opened my eyes and I saw a dark shape in the corner of my eyes, drifting away and fading into nothing as I blinked again and it was gone.

This might sound like a vivid imagination, but I literally, dreamed every last bit until I woke up and saw the thing drifting away, the more I think of it the more I get the shivers down my spine again, the kind of shivers I would get when I'm opening my aura and feel the shivers down my spine again, please, let me know what I should do and help me figure this out. Thank you.

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