Often blind in dreams

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Often blind in dreams

Postby SkogenKommer » 09 Apr 2017 21:22

It has happened lately that I get blind for a short moment in my dreams. I have read somewhere that it means that I need support or help in some way. The first time it happened i was on my way home. It got completely black. But I could still feel the fence, and later the car in the driveway. Until I got up to the front door of my house. It was very cool to just feel all those things in a dream. I hadn't really thought about how real everything feels in dreams, up until that moment.
So it happened a few more times. Weeks appart. And one time it actually helped me into a lucid dream. I realised that I couldn't see, and that that had happened to me before in dreams. I got my site back, and I had my most successfull lucid dream that I had gotten so far.
But is there anyone that can tell me some other, or deeper meaning to it? Why I can't see in my dreams?
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Re: Often blind in dreams

Postby Mythos » 19 Apr 2017 04:41

Interesting. Maybe it's your mind training you to not rely so strongly on your vision. Vision is a tricky thing in the walking world AND in the dream world. Perhaps your gateway into lucid dreams is through darkness. Tis very cool.

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Re: Often blind in dreams

Postby goldenrose » 28 Jun 2017 15:37

Hmm. This happens often to me as well. One of my senses will cut off, usually my sight, but also sometimes my hearing or even touch.

This may mean you are in denial about something, refusing to see the truth to a situation in your waking life. For me, and may also be for you, all the sensory stimulation in a dream is sometimes so vivid that I can only focus on a few senses at a a time, making me lose the sense I'm not focusing on.
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