Help Maintaining Lucidity

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Help Maintaining Lucidity

Postby Dreamer3456 » 25 Jul 2012 22:25

So yesterday I had my first lucid dream, I was in my Living room when I noticed a table was missing. I immediately realized I was dreaming, a strange sensation filled my body from toe to head (don't know what it was). I was really exited but I remembered what Rebecca said about asking for clarity but I tried but I couldn't talk, I choked on the word. So I tried to rub my hands together but before I had a chance to do that I saw the dream getting dimmer and dimmer until it went black then I awoke into a sort of semi sleep paralysis state. (Don't know how to describe it since I have had sleep paralysis before but this was different its as if a part of me was still in the dream world and part of me was awake.
Why couldn't I talk? What was that sensation I had when I gained lucidity? and What advice can you give me next time I have a lucid dream to maintain lucidity. PS. It was a lucid dream, I know I wasn't just dreaming about a lucid dream because I knew I was dreaming and I had full control over my actions plus I remember everything vividly. :)

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Re: Help Maintaining Lucidity

Postby Notoriou » 05 Aug 2012 10:47

I can't really give any advice on maintaining lucidity because I have only had one lucid dream, but in that dream I also experienced an inability to speak and a strange sensation upon becoming lucid, I'm tempted to ask you to describe the sensation to see if it's the same or close to what happened to me.

From asking similar questions on these forums, I can tell you that speaking while lucid gives many people that have just started lucid dreaming problems.

My theory on the sensation was that the waking part of your consciousness, upon becoming lucid, connected with your dream body and the sensation was that initial connection, but that's just my theory based on my personal experience(which could be totally different from your sensation).

Hope this helped,


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Re: Help Maintaining Lucidity

Postby torakrubik » 05 Aug 2012 23:53

I always experience a rush when i become lucid, so perhaps that's what the 'sensation' is?

Personally I've never been unable to talk in LDs, but i'd imagine all you'd have to do is convince yourself that many people can do it, and it is 100% possible.

Rebecca has a detailed article here on maintaining lucidity which I think you will find very useful:
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Re: Help Maintaining Lucidity

Postby Randoman » 08 Aug 2012 20:39

every once in WHIEL I cant talk in my lucid

but i think it all about raising my lucidity and becoming more aware in the dream

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