Has anyone tried operant conditioning?

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Has anyone tried operant conditioning?

Postby vlthompson777 » 10 Apr 2017 21:02

The practice of questioning if you are dreaming while awake worked for me a long time ago back in my undergrad days, but with my current IT job, it is very hard to remember to mentally pull myself away from what I'm thinking about to make this reality check.

So I had the idea of using a timing app on my phone to go off at regular intervals throughout the day. when it goes off, i do a reality check. Simple enough, but if I condition myself to do a reality check during the day, that should also, eventually, prompt me to do a reality check when i hear it while I'm sleeping! I'm hoping this will work. I started to ask if anyone has thought of this before, and just now happened to search for 'reality check' on the iPhone app store, and there is an app called lucid reality check! Glad to see others have thought of this.

Has anyone used this sort of technique?

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Re: Has anyone tried operant conditioning?

Postby Petal » 12 Apr 2017 20:12

I use RealityCheck app on my phone and used the basic chat facility before I join here. It's very simple to use. The actual reality checker works well to remind me to become aware of what I'm doing throughout the day. I'm not convinced it helps me remember to reality check whilst dreaming. I don't have the alarm set to go off during the night as I don't want it disturbing my quality zzz's. I often do sleep-ins for work and I sleep lightly then, listening out for clients that may need assistance. I guess you could call it a kind of occupational operate conditioning. After I left a waking night job were I did regular two hourly client checks, for a long time after, I'd wake up every two hours feeling as if I'd been running about doing mad bed changes. Thankfully that's wearing off now. I've made some alterations to how I settled down for the night. I read to sleep better and for healthy sleep rhymes, it helps to wind down gradually.
When I do remember to reality check comprehensively in a dream, the dreams become much more lucid vivid and controllable. I do believe the app prompted reality checks throughout the day helps me make more thorough checks in dreams. However, I'm sure I become aware I'm dreaming, more by recognising odd/unusual dream details and activities than by any kind of deliberate time programming. My consciousness dose seem to know when it's morning, so it kind of switches it self on to looking out for interesting dreams or certain dream symbols. I'm sure my present dreaming habits have a lot more to do with habits started in childhood. For example my parents would draw my attention to a call of a cuckoo. There are no cuckoos living in the hedgerows were I live now, so if I hear one, I know I'm most likely dreaming. I still like listening to dawn chorus, wind in the trees and stuff like that when I'm waking. The sound of rain on a tin roof is also one of my dream signs from a kid. Any strange noise means there is either something very unusual is happening in reality or I in a good mode to go off on little adventures.
I have recently downloaded the seemingly better featured app DreamZ, details found on this site here http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/dreamz-app.html It's meant to monitor and analysis your sleep pattern through movement sensors and give you a reality check prompt specific to your sleep patterns. It also gives alert options of sounds, your own music or a recording. I have yet to tried this out fully, so l don't know if it works as it is meant to.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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Re: Has anyone tried operant conditioning?

Postby Mythos » 19 Apr 2017 04:30

I know a couple of people that the apps worked lucid dreaming miracles for. I tried a couple of apps didn't like them as they felt more obtrusive than helpful.

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