my first lucid dream ever

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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my first lucid dream ever

Postby gunblade123 » 16 Apr 2017 01:31

I remembered when I had my very first lucid dream where I could feel I was physically and emotionally present in my dream. I had been practising and researching for a year and I only succeeded once haha so here goes:

I did the WBTB technique, knowing that I had failed using that technique in the past (i meant I was getting blurry images in my dream instead of getting the feeling of being physically there) but I didnt give up. I had been lucid when I was a child and I had stopped becoming lucid when I reached my 20s.

I slept, I woke up and I was lying in my bed thinking nothing whilst staring at the blade of the ceiling fan. Then I slowly felt my eyes were getting heavier and heavier and I put myself to sleep. Next time I knew, I was standing on a rocky island and I looked up at the sky, I could the moon and the stars. "Time to do reality check" I said to myself. I rubbed the palm of my hand, I felt nothing. I poke through the palm of my hand using my finger, it went through. "This is it !! I am now lucid" I exclaimed and got excited. I looked around, I saw a tall white Lighthouse erecting a few meters from where I was standing. When I tried to approach the light house, suddenly an entrance to underground mine appeared in front of me. I entered the entrance to the underground mine, then I heard a weird buzzing sound inside my head. Next thing I knew, I realized I was still in my bed, staring at the blade of the ceiling fan spinning and still spinning. haha I woke up. D***

That was the only lucid experience that I had in a year of practice.
I want to master lucid dreaming. Please.

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Re: my first lucid dream ever

Postby DreamerMan99 » 17 Apr 2017 03:59

Amazing. Welcome to the forum.
Good luck,
Dream on.

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Re: my first lucid dream ever

Postby charliesan763 » 18 Apr 2017 04:39

Too bad it was so short but at least you had one! I´m still trying to :D

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