Hello and past lucid overview!

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hello and past lucid overview!

Postby RainDanceSpirit » 23 Apr 2017 15:57


My name is India, I'm from the UK and I've just discovered this awesome site!

I have had about 7 lucid dreams in my life, over about 6 years, but recently I have been practicing dream recall and reality checks and have been having them more frequently! I think this site will also help me to strengthen my abilities :)

For many of my lucid dreams, I get too excited and wake up prematurely. After bouncing around here I have read that 'dream stabilising' helps to stop this so thank you!

My very first lucid dream was very basic, I ran around my school and made new rooms, asked my friends and family if they were dreaming too. When I told people about it they told me that it was called a lucid dream. I was instantly hooked! Of course being younger I didn't know how to practice it so I had them on and off.
For the next 5 lucid dreams I focused on flying and floating (sometimes ending early because of excitement), and I'm quite lucky in the fact that I have no trouble. I have always firmly believed that when you're dreaming, anything is possible, so gravity and other laws don't exist. In my first lucid flying dream I simply crouched down and jumped up high into the clouds, put my hands by my sides and zoomed around looking and the view below me, it was incredible! Then I also landed and decided that I wanted to be a wolf, so I shifted. I watched my hands turn into paws, I ran fast on all fours and felt the wind through my fur. What amazes me about lucid dreams is that you can FEEL things that you don't actually have! For example in another, I became a dragon, and I could feel the muscles where my wings were, how strong every beat was, and now in real life, I have muscle memory for these muscles that I don't even have! :lol:

I am now transitioning to exploring my mind through lucid dreams, I'll fly too but I'll also let the dream take me places rather than decising where I go :)

Thanks for your time! I look forward to chatting and reading all about others lucid experiences! :P
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