trapped on my LD

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trapped on my LD

Postby Lia » 24 Apr 2017 22:43

My last LD made me trapped at my dream so I can't wake up.

It started when I dream about my relationship. I met my boyfriend in my dream. In that dream I have 2 boyfriend, the one who I loved in real life and the other one who I knew, but I rarely meet him. The dream came with relationship conflicts which made my emotion come to that dream. In my dream, it has been a week equals to 12 hours sleeping in real life. In 12 hours I waked up only for couple minutes and then I got sleep again then the dream continued.

After 3 days in my "dream time" (equals to 6 hours sleeping) The dream cut out by my conscious. And then continued again with the same story. The dream continued, and I choose the one who I loved in real life to be my only boyfriend in that dream. Our relationship become serious and I also met his parents.

Then I Invited to the reunion with my old friends. We all allowed to bring our boyfriend so I went with my boyfriend. My friends also bring their boyfriend and girlfriend. We gather at traditional restaurant with ethnic interior. And then everything getting more strange. We started talking about out memory and it came with bad memory that never happened in the real life between me and my friends. And we started fighting. Everything chaos. Then I realized it was only a dream. I try to get up but I can't. So I thought I must finished the story. I did that immediately. I stop the chaos by communicated to all my friend and after we talked the chaos stop very suddenly. And I waked up.

And last night I can't sleep until today after my longest LD

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Re: trapped on my LD

Postby Tororo » 30 Apr 2017 07:26

Hi Lia

Sounds like a fairly normal LD. You were able to manage the conflicts within your dream and handle the circumstances that occurred in the dream...which is not 'being trapped'.

What you don't say is whether the dream mirrors any conflict in your relationships (with any real life boyfriends) you may be having in real life? It's of course none of my business but it would be interesting to know if in your dream you were handling something that was a hidden concern in your life?

Anyways, enjoy your dreams, I haven't had an LD for weeks now and really miss them :(

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