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An Interesting Article About Dream Yoga - at website - Lion's Roar

Postby jasmine2 » 28 Apr 2017 01:08

Here is an interesting article about the (Tibetan) Buddhist practice of dream yoga.

- "What Is Dream Yoga and How Do You Do It?" -

- Excerpts -
"Lucid dreaming alone will not wake you up in the spiritual sense ... Dream Yoga is designed to unite you with deeper aspects of your being and is more concerned with self-transcendence."

"Dream yoga can develop into sleep yoga, which is when awareness spreads not only into dreams, but also into deep dreamless sleep.
With sleep yoga ... you drop consciously into the very core of your being, the most subtle formless awareness ... The Clear Light Mind."

(Dream and sleep yoga provide opportunity to work with) "deeper unconscious strata that underlie all surface experience ...
Transform those roots and you'll transform everything above."

The practices of the night lead us to (the) unified field (of consciousness) and awaken us to the universality of the human condition." ...
(When we go to sleep, we) "sleep together and rest in the same luxurious bed of the Primal Mind."

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Re: An Interesting Article About Dream Yoga - at website - Lion's Roar

Postby Go left » 05 May 2017 04:12

That was a great read thanks for sharing!

I like how he mentions if you only use lucid dreaming for pleasure and fulling fantasies, that it isn't a spiritual practice at all but a kinda super samsara haha.

I'm really intrestested in sleep yoga. Becoming aware in the dreamless sleep state.
Lately I've been using the spinning technique to dissolve the dream while lucid into a pitch black/ void space. It's a very interesting space and a place I'm becoming more and more comfortable visiting. This is what I imagine sleep yoga to be similar to
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