Why can't I do it

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Why can't I do it

Postby eaglehawk » 29 Apr 2017 17:40

I've been practicing the MILD and DILD Technics doing reality checks and and righting down my dreams and repeating "I will lucid dream tonight" I struggle to remember to do reality checks so any advice on that welcome but down to my main question why cant I lucid dream yet I've been trying for probably 9 months and phased in and out of it about 3 times simply cause im not seeing results so please anything please I'm just getting so fustrated with myself. My dreams are stronger and more vivid than ever but I'm always way to busy in an action packed dream to even have time to do a reality check and nothings ever "weird" like things aren't normal but nothing defies the laws of physics or how I would behave in real life, for instance- I'm not an evil person so if i try to kill someone in a dream something never possible like my guns broken ormy swords blunt nothings ever wrong please help me to have a lucid dream I really want one.

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Re: Why can't I do it

Postby DreamerMan99 » 30 Apr 2017 14:38

Do you keep a dream journal?
Good luck,
Dream on.

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Re: Why can't I do it

Postby eaglehawk » 30 Apr 2017 16:42

DreamerMan99 wrote:Do you keep a dream journal?

Yes yes I do

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Re: Why can't I do it

Postby CameronSeliso » 09 May 2017 14:44

i'm very much noob at lucid dreaming.

only time i've had a lucid dream (consciously awake inside a dream) was when i was in pretty good state (was doing meditation, running once a week, eating alot of fresh fruits and vegetables... healthy stuff)

that once lucid dream just happened naturally, just came without me trying.

that might help with lucid dreaming,

i know lucid dreaming here is not defined as "consciously awake in a dream" but its close enough for me.

i also recommend to learn more about it and talk to the lucid dreaming "professionals" and dont believe all you read and hear.. alot of lies and bs

find some stuff to scale your progress. there probably exists some lucid dreaming ladder where u can see how far u've come in the progress of achieve success in lucid dreaming :)

i'm seeking friends to assist each other to achieve success in lucid dreaming. message me here if u want to join that

good luck with it :)

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Re: Why can't I do it

Postby Price » 11 May 2017 05:04

I have a shy Subconsciousness. When I try too hard to do something in my dreams like lucid dreaming I never can do it. As soon as a relax a bit and stop trying often I get the results I am looking for.

Instead of looking at what you want, lets take a moment and appreciate what you have. you said that you have very frequent and vivid dreams. This is amazing. You have a skill that most people in the world never have. You have access to a part of your mind that most people don't. Take moment and truly celebrate this. Appreciate yourself and give thanks to your subconscious mind for your nightly gifts.

Dreams are confusing, but take each dream as a gift to yourself. Think of it as a daily guide. A daily riddle that you get to solve. Think of it as a secret note passed to you by your "Higher Self". Each day try and figure out what your dream are trying to say to you. Can you figure out the language of your dreams?

Once you figure out what your dreams are saying. And I am open to helping your begin to crack this code. Then you can begin to ask for help on certain issues. Maybe you can ask your dreams why you are not lucid dreaming? If you get a dream back, can you understand what it is trying to say?

Ultimately I think that once you start to engage the dreams in a joyous celebratory, and thankful way, and stop thinking of dreaming like a goal, but more of like an exploration. Then you will start to have lucid dreams.

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Re: Why can't I do it

Postby eaglehawk » 11 May 2017 20:37

Thankyou everyone for the advice I've really taken it to heart- I'm struggling with the idea of not trying as often I have slipped through dedicated phases and even when I slip out of these phases when I don't think about LD and do reality checks and write my dreams it still doesn't come.

May I also ask for some meditation adivce I can't seem to get my head round that either

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