HELP please

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HELP please

Postby crystal lily » 06 May 2017 03:13

I write about this under Share your lucid dreams too but I need help interpreting a certain part of my first lucid dream since I started reading up on it and practicing the techniques. I think I Induced a lucid dream while already dreaming, thinking I was awake taking advantage of hypnagogia right as I was drifting off. I was visualizing a cake and let the image I was visualizing pull me in. (Is this what you guys feel when you WILD?) The problem was I knew I was dreaming and performed the tricks to make the dream last and give it clarity but I couldn't get the sheet I was sleeping with in real life off my face. Also another weird thing is that I was using my hands to run them together to stabilize the lucidity but I could see my left arm on top of my head across my forehead under the sheet. Does this mean I was having trouble detaching myself from my sleeping body? Or was it just that my subconscious wanted to show me that specific dream, is there any way I can fix this if it happens again? Thanks for reading, please help as I don't want to be stuck in this useless lucid state where I can't see anything.

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