Another Dimension full of people and bizzare looking creatures!

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Another Dimension full of people and bizzare looking creatures!

Postby Lduro3 » 14 May 2017 17:09

Ok I had a weird dream  , that I was in an unknown place absolutely  out of this world.  It was a very sketchy place full  of  people of  all race  an all ages .  I have never felt so relax yet anxious at the same time  . It was a beautiful place  .  It was broad day light very light and sunny but I don't remember seeing any sun it was weird . Obviously is a dream so I expected things to get weird . As I begin  to explore the place,  I saw this beautiful park I was blown away by its beauty . As I look closely in the park I see people walking around  . In side the park there was a huge lake and wow! it was full of wild creatures . I saw a huge ass tiger swiming in the lake with huge fishes the size of a mini school bus . Then just like that the tiger jumped out of the water and attacked a person who was sitting  in the park and here's where  things gets weirder…..  the person stood there like nothing . The tiger ripped the man's arm and yup no blood the tiger then ran away with the man's arm in its mouth.  And the man stood there with a missing arm no blood no pain as if nothing happen .I was about to panic, but I hold it in like a man because I realize at this point that this is nothing but a dream . I was fully aware of my surroundings .

So I continue to explore the environment , and I saw a person walking towards me . I politely asked the person  what year is  it ? It was some random guy I still remember how he looked like . He was a white Caucasian male . He looked young slim build in his late teen I would say 18 or 19 years of age or even way younger  . Anyways when I asked him what year it was , he looked at me with a WTF kind of face and  said "2005"  .I was puzzle by his answer  and he kept walking  .Then  out of no where an old asian lady appears and she told me "1953" I'm like huuuuh  !!!!! She looks at me directly  through my eyes and  said "this is the place before people are born ". I was shocked  . I told her" so does reincarnation  exist" ? She said " no " with a   relax tone of voice … she said "people who die they must be summon"  . I was so lost and confused . She then said the name of the place . I don't remember the name  exactly .I heard Melden  or lenden  it finished  with en for sure . I mean it made no sense . All of this people that  I saw in my dream looked like regular human beings  like us . At this point I was starting to feel awake  . I knew I was running out of time . So before I woke up I made sure  to explore even more  as much as I can . And yup I did end up exploring even more .

I saw tall buldings like nothing from this  world .  Markets people buying food .  Then  I isolated my self from the area, and  I notice something was off . I saw a forest and I didn't think twice. I went  inside that forest. Boy did I end up regreting it . While inside the forest I  saw a lake and a boat  from afar   . The boat looked abandoned! ! I saw mountains  and I notice  there was no people in the forest I mean  the forest looked dead , and then hell broke loose . I knew I went too far  and just like that a grim reaper looking creature  manifested  out of thin air and  it looked at me  straight in my eyes . I'm like ok I'm screw   :o  I panic for sure . The skeleton looking face and the knife  with the long stick I forgot what you call it . Anyways it pointed it's bony finger at me. ..... boy did I freaked out. Then that thing  started to laugh and it a was creepy ass laugh . Like a clown type of laugh... Trippy laugh  and started to chase me . I tried to run but my body was so heavy I couldn't even move for a sec . That grim looking creature flew towards me . At this point I'm thinking if that thing touches me .... im dead . Well it did touched me But!!!! I didn't die it attacked me yes like I'm going to kill you kind of attack . I attacked  back obviously and here is when the chaos starts . I grabbed  the creature by the hand it was very light . I ripped  his arm off and  broked its neck  I mean I went berserk  on that thing . Then I was able to move and I heard another laugh same laugh .. I'm very keen so I knew that more of those grim looking creatures were  going to appear  and guess what ... I was right on the money They did !! Boy I runned faster than Usain bolt   . While running I looked back and I saw a hored of skeletons riding horses  . There were  like 6 of them and they were laughing and man was I shitting bricks . I then made my way to the town where there was people  the place where I came from , and thank god there was still people in the area . As I kept running I saw  a crowd of  people  and  I made my way through  the crowd and man did I felt like an asshole . The crowd started running as well !! . The town people from the market and the park everyone started running   for their life . I was able to knock down one  of the skeleton  riding the horses  . At that point I was like fuck it bring it on .My adrenaline was pumping Aaaaaaand then I woke up lol     

What are your thoughts  . What does this dream characters  were trying to tell me . Did my mind astral travel to another dimension ? . Or is it just all in my head . Btw I'm no junkie I don't  do no drugs . Just in case if you get curious.  My only drugs i guess will be alcohol  if it counts as a drug . that's it . I don't smoke weed or consume any of those of  crazy drugs .

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Re: Another Dimension full of people and bizzare looking creatures!

Postby lucidé » 15 May 2017 02:06

Sounds like an ordinary dream/semi-lucid dream to me. I've heard plenty of semi-lucid dreams to know that just about anything unpredictable can happen in a non-lucid dream. That part about the grim reaper chasing you was just a mere nightmare you were having. I can assure you that the grim reaper doesn't really exist, and nothing will happen to you if he slices you. I can assure you under normal circumstances you cannot die in a dream/lucid dream. The only time you could possibly die in a lucid dream, is if you end up unconscious while in a lucid dream after one of your vital organs shuts off.
No I don't think you went to some ghost world BTW. I end up going to some unique lucid dream worlds as well, except they are way more docile, with the animals being peaceful and intelligent (you can talk to them), no disabilities, no suffering, no pain, endless learning, and every character is really friendly to one another. The characters are so much friendlier than most of real life, I find lucid dreaming utopia so much easier to live in than real life.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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