Instant micro dreams

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Instant micro dreams

Postby ijetskilc » 14 May 2017 21:31

I have been having instant micro dreams for as long as I can remember and as I get older(I'm 54) it's getting worse. If doze off for only a second I am dreaming instantly. The dreams are almost never scary but mostly silly or totally unexplainable on how I dreamed something like that up. The most puzzling is when I dream up people I have never seen before, their full faces in detail ,mostly doing or saying normal everyday stuff.
These little dreams happen while studying on line or like while I'm taking a break at work etc.They are almost entertaining but then again they can be aggravating. I sleep very well at night, wake up feeling great for the most part.
On the other hand my regular dreams have sometimes predicted the future for instance: I dreamed one time my boss died only to find out he was gravely ill upon coming to work that day and he had never been sick before. He did live through it but did almost die. This was someone although he was my boss I was not close to him and only had brief encounters with him in the past.
I dreamed that a large building burned for months before it finally did. I could give several more examples. The point is am I some kind of freak or something?!

P.S. I had two little instant dreams while wrighting this post!

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Re: Instant micro dreams

Postby jenniferever » 27 Jun 2017 22:33

I've had something similar, on several occasions, but I called them 'visions'. I would be awake and go into a different state of consciousness for about 5-10 seconds. Everything I had happen in this visions or 'remote viewing' moments seemed 'psychic' as well.
Instant REM onset, which sounds like what your describing, for me causes sleep paralysis also, these 'micro visions' and excessive nightmares. I've only experienced lucid dreaming as of lately.
I wanted to reply to you though that much of MY symptoms indicate some signs of narcolepsy, I'm not saying yours do or don't just letting you know my own experience so far.


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Re: Instant micro dreams

Postby writerguy » 15 Aug 2018 12:42

Narcoleptics are gifted psychics and remote viewers. This is classified information. You have all been duped. Cannot say more. Came close to winning the jackpot 6 times a few weeks ago. I won't say anything else. Good luck to all.

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