Second Lucid Dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Second Lucid Dream

Postby Sunshine22 » 15 May 2017 23:15

Unfortunately my trigger is a bad dream. My first true lucid dream where I told myself that I was dreaming and asked myself what i wanted to do was about a week ago. Sadly my lucidity only lasted about 2 seconds before I awoke. However, last night I was dreaming that my daughter was driving us down a very curvy two lane road. She was driving too fast and I told her to slow down but she didn't listen. We drove off a cliff and right before we hit the ground BAM I was instantly lucid. The moment I became lucid everything froze. I looked at my daughter and said." we are lucid dreaming right now, check this out" I made everything go backwards into place and then we got out of the truck and started walking up the road. I didn't want to lose lucidity so I kept rubbing my hands together. I told her to watch this and I tried to fly twice but nothing would happen. I then said out loud, "subconscious take me to space" Instantly everything turned black and I was sucked up at a fast pace into the cosmos. I could feel myself getting close to the sun because I could actually feel the heat from the sun!!! I opened my eyes and there was the sun, brilliant and beautiful, there were 3 bright orbs hovering around it. I entered something like an office/space station. There were 3 people in it. I asked one of the men what the meaning of life was and he shrugged and said I dont know. I then turned to a woman and asked her, she said she "guessed it was about essence." I then began to lose my grasp of my lucidity and slowly woke up. I am hooked! One thing that I thought was absolutely amazing was that the moment I became lucid I felt my physical body get lite. It was like stepping off a ledge in the ocean. Once I lost my lucidity I again felt the heaviness of my physical body. Crazy stuff!!!

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