Family pattern in normal dreams

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Family pattern in normal dreams

Postby MachFree » 17 May 2017 10:21

Hi everybody! :)

I'm new to lucid dreaming (I just discovered this world one week ago), and I started to fill a dreams diary in order to know better my dreams and to discover patterns in them.
Clearly, after one week and 20 dreams remembered, at least 12 are related to my family: I regularly dream about at least one member (mainly my dad or mom), and/or about a place related to their home (inside the home or outside, in the garden), which is my childhood home (I left for my studies about 10 years ago).
What I've read about dream patterns is that when you find one, you should do reality checks when you meet this pattern while awake. However, I see my family twice a year and I go into their home once a year, so it's not the best situation to do reality checks in consequence!

That's why I wanted to ask for advices about this dream pattern, about how "converting" it into lucid dreaming. The idea I had was to collect pictures of my family and my childhood home, to randomly display one of them on my computer one or twice an hour, and to do a reality check each time (however, for now I technically don't know how to do this...). I guess it's better than manually display these photos myself, because in this case it's a deliberated action and my feeling is that it doesn't work as good as if it's displayed automatically, at any time, which look more like a dream.

Do you think it's a good idea and it can work? Have you a better idea?

Thank you all ! :D

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Re: Family pattern in normal dreams

Postby Oneiropagida » 17 May 2017 17:10

Hey MachFree!
Haha, I laughed with your idea with the photos :lol: I am not sure it is going to help, though. Maybe put photos of your family on your screensaver.
Other than that, I think you should make clearer to yourself the very fact that you told us: you ONLY see your family twice a year and you go into their home once a year. And I suppose that this happens in some special occasions, like xmas or birthday?
So the next time you see them in your dreams, you should wonder "huh, how come dad is here? what's the occasion? I see them rarely. Is this a dream?" :P
I am not sure this is gonna help either but it is kinda logical, no?! hehe
Dream on....

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Re: Family pattern in normal dreams

Postby MachFree » 17 May 2017 21:54

Hi Oneiropagidan, thanks for your answer :)

The point of the process I thought about is to get into the habit of associating a situation about my family with a reality check. You say that you don't think I need this, because I just need to be "logical" in my dreams, but... hehe, you're talking about dreams, nothing logical in there! :P I don't see how I could have this "awareness" in a dream with my family without training my brain during the day.

However, I wrote a tiny script which pick a random photo in a folder and display it every 15-45 minutes (this time being randomly chosen). If someone's interested! ;) I'll tell you if the method works :P

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