Vibration before sleep

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Vibration before sleep

Postby karlpit » 20 May 2017 02:02

When I was going to sleep I was getting really scared then I felt this vibration in my body.
It went for like 10 seconds or so then snapped out, I couldn't move but I had control of my mind and thoughts, it felt as there was a blanket laying on me as well.
I'm only 14 btw and just joined
Anyone know what it was?

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Re: Vibration before sleep

Postby Sunshine22 » 24 May 2017 05:05

I have had the vibrations like that too with a loud rushing noise in my ear, but only when I was trying to do an OBE. I have read that the vibrations are the point where your consciousness is trying to leave your physical body. I didnt realize what they were so I just stayed calm and focused on my breathing. If it happens again I am going to try and imagine myself climbing a rope out of my is supposed to help the mind leave the body.

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