My Lucid Journey-The Mansion

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My Lucid Journey-The Mansion

Postby Sguess0991 » 24 May 2017 05:44

As a child, I had extremely erratic dreams. I slept a lot in my teens which caused me to master the art of lucid dreaming.
I could do anything I wanted. I could literally wake up, get something to drink, go back to sleep and "finish" my dream outcome. I could also "hurry" or "rush" my dream outcome if I knew I would have to wake up soon. I could choose the outcome of my own desire.
At the age of 19, I began smoking marijuana. This became a daily routine for me & unfortunately made it nearly impossible for me to dream at all!
I'm now 26. I stopped smoking Marijuana regularly about 6 months ago. I'm finding myself dreaming erratically as I did when I was a young child. It's almost as if I've temporarily lost the ability to lucid dream & I need more "practice" to get my groove back. With a full time job and school, it sure does make practice difficult. ;)
I STILL remember dreams that I had as a five year old. Night terrors, positive dreams, good and bad.
I almost even believe in a human's ability to have premonitions at times because of the vivid dreams that I've come across over the years.
The number 311 haunts me. I've dreamt of sinking ships before a cruise ship sank on March 3, 2011. I dreamt of crashing waves and flooding homes right before a tsunami in Japan. Of course, there are more dreams which I can come back to later.

The dream that really catches my attention is the one I have of The Mansion.
I've had this dream repeatedly for 10 years. It can almost control it but not fully.
I'll tell you more about it, so here goes.

I come to a home with so many rooms I can't count.
I run back and fourth in the rooms and hallways as something I can not make out chases me. Each time I enter this realm, the house is the same. Like hallways in my brain, I've memorized each one.
The rooms are each unique & different. THere is colorful wallpaper, chipped paint, checkered floors, hardwoods, carpet, lavish furniture.
There are many levels. I'm not sure who lives there. The first level is dark and dingy, old and weathered. This is where I spend most of my time running back and fourth frantically as I try to find a way out until I sneak onto an elevator.
The second level is a palace. It's updated. Everything is shiny and new. I'm always in awe at the pristine nature of this floor. I can relax fora few moments while I gander at the luxurious furnishings and comfortable aura it lets off.
BUT WAIT. Something still lingers in the dark. As if it watches me. I escape to the third floor. I forget that something is after me. THere are three bedrooms and I get to pick one.
The first bedroom I can never remember. I never go in. I have no interest. I always go into the back room first, but the bathroom is so repulsive I can't stand to be in there.
I'm drawn to the third room. Every time, this room possesses me. I walk in and I see a white Victorian style bed. It's so clean and inviting with pinks, light blues, and a rocking horse. The lights are off, but I can still see from the moonlight which shines through the bay window. I gawk at the room until something seems to overtake air supply has been shortened. Something evil is in here. I can't move. My emotions and expressions are slowed to almost frozen time. I'm limited. I can't move! I'm scared. The vibrations are so intense. They are not painful though I feel anxiety and fear to the point of a near mental breakdown. I feel a vibration and I know it's something evil. It is strong and it tells me (without vocal or verbal warning) that I need to leave. Whatever it is doesn't want me there. I try to get out. It just won't let me. The air is so thick. I can't breathe! I'm trying to escape. It has me trapped almost in a slowed time frame.
I finally get out! I find a closet. A little girl is in there. I can't ever remember who she is or what she looks like but I tell her to come with me. THere is a small door in the closet that goes nowhere. I claw my way into the plaster which is lined with fiberglass insulation. I grab her hand And we escape into a small tunnel-like opening. We squeeze through and push ourselves up into the attack. We sit there, out of breath, scared. How will we get down from here? I I look over and see an old Victorian style desk with drawers.

Suddenly, I say, "WAKE UP!" & I awaken.
I can literally see the outline of the table in my dream fade in real life as I awaken from this terrifying experience I've put myself through. I can see a sort of hallucination for 1/10 of a second. The table fades.
A little shaken up, I take a deep breath...
I ponder the rooms, the furniture, the vibration.
I'm sweating.
Why do I always go into that room?
Every. Single. Time.

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