A Lucid Water Trip

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A Lucid Water Trip

Postby TheQuantumWreck » 25 May 2017 18:30

Hello everybody,

Lucid Water Trip

I was there, front of a wall,
in a street, with no people around.
Probably at the end of the afternoon.

This unknown place,
was stable enough to give me the feeling of time.
I knew I would be able to express myself as I wished.
But I just stood for a while, waiting for something to happen.
Running through my memories of previous scenes and
asking myself if I should continue or not the main story.

Back to that wall, my awareness became unstable.
I just kept looking at the wall. Searching for anything useful.
Anything, that would allow me to reach a better state of lucidity.
I started to be aware of the details and naturally, i moved closer to the wall.
There was water inside, dripping between the rocks and cracks.

It was so clear and clean. It transported me, into a concrete fresh thrilling situation.
I wanted to be that water. I just had to think about it,
and my body modified its structure to merge with the water.

There were lights, a lot of rays shining everywhere. Hitting every part of what I was made of.
The field of view was stunning, totally free, opened on all angle.
I was part of the field of view and in the same time, part of the water, the wall and the rocks.
But I was able to focus on any part I wanted to experiment.

So as water, I just moved everywhere I could.
I crushed myself many many time against anything I found.
It was a huge immersive experience with a real density.

A lucid trip in which I became water.
And as water, I just moved everywhere I could.

Thank you for reading me.

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