Improving control

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Improving control

Postby Skytak888 » 25 May 2017 18:40

Ok, so I have reached the point where I have lucid dreams quite regularly (like every 1-2 months) but lots of times, some of the things that I want to happen just wont happen. For instance I can fly but I can't speed up. Or they happen but I need to make a trick. For instance when I want something to dissappear it doesn't dissappear but I need to trick me by blinking in the dream and then it dissappears. Is there a way to improve my control in my dreams (saying things out loud doesn't seem to really improve it)?

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Re: Improving control

Postby Dinoponera » 26 May 2017 09:33

I disagree Shardarke. Lucid dreaming is just like any other skill in that it takes time to learn and improve over time. It'll take a solid grasp of the basics of simply becoming lucid in order to grant yourself practice oppertunities, however when you start to get those chances progress can begin.

But Skytak, you're off to a good start in my opinion. Using flight as an example: I started off using tricks too. I'd try to relax and tell my subconcious, "take me too here," or "move away from there". There were a lot of months like that. But eventually you'll gain a sense of the feeling of the flight and control it yourself, it'll just take practice. [Finally learned how to have a controlled inverted hover earlier this month :D ]
I suggest that you keep using the tricks, and also expirement with new ones. After finding what works best, see if you can learn to expect the result without giving the prompt.

I hope that helps. I'm not too much of a vet, but my knowledge is your knowledge.
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