Having trouble falling asleep while trying to LD?

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Having trouble falling asleep while trying to LD?

Postby ShadowSJG » 27 May 2017 04:51

Lately, i have been getting back into lucid dreaming practice. However, my routine is, I go to bed at 10 and wake up 2:30 in order to try FILD. I noticed that I was unable to fall asleep for 4 straight hrs and by the time I was getting drowsy, 2:30 had arrived. I noticed that my mind is quite active during those 4hrs and as well, I usually eat dinner right before going to bed, so perhaps that is a factor. Does anyone have any tips from to fall asleep? I usually end up sleeping around 3, so I was wondering, should I try to Fild/SSILD after that time then?

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Re: Having trouble falling asleep while trying to LD?

Postby SpaceTimeBadass » 03 Jun 2017 02:07

No matter when you go to sleep, just be sure that you are waking up to try your induction technique after 4-6 hours of sleep: some exerimentation is required to see what time frame works for you, as well as how long you should stay up. Personally, I get the best results after 5-6 hours of sleep, staying up for longer periods of time (close the 2 hour mark that I'll be asleep before the full 2 hours elapses). Though, you might find that you do better with staying up only 30 or so minutes if you find it difficult to get back to sleep with longer waking periods, you'll just have to find your "sweet spot" as it were.

Other things to be aware of;

Are you using the computer or your phone during your waking period?
The spectrum of light these emit cause you to produce chemicals to wake you up more, which could cause difficulty.

Are you getting regular enough sleep (8 hours a night) to maximize your LD potential?
Sleeping infrequently can cause REM rebound, which will make it more difficult to predict your REM cycles, as the brain enters into REM sooner (and for longer periods of time) when you don't sleep as much.

Some things to consider. As well as lifestyle concerns (ie, do you take any drugs that repress REM sleep, such as marijuana?

If you have these points sorted out well enough, then pure experimentation will go a long way. Try sleeping for 5 hours before waking up and also play around with different waking activities to do during this time, start with 30 minutes of waking, if nothing, try 45minutes to an hour the next few days, and so on. Once you find what works, remember it and try to model the rest of your efforts after your successes. If you find any waking period during the night to be too much, I'd recommend trying to stay awake in bed for 15-30 minutes after your sleeping period and just try to do a mental exercise to make you a little more alert, and then try your technique. Should be easier to sleep this way without moving around too much. And, if nothing else works after all this, consider switching up to a more DILD oriented induction technique, as WBTB is very helpful, however you might just find it far too disruptive to your daily sleep schedule to be effective, and you require sleep to LD in any case.

Hope this helps!
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