Hi, I'm a chewtoy to a dream creature.

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Hi, I'm a chewtoy to a dream creature.

Postby ChewDoo » 27 May 2017 21:00

Hello! I'm an American Midwesterner that dreams a lot because there's not much to do in the middle of a cornfield. Ever since I was 4, I've had this (not so) little dream buddy that has appeared in every lucid dream, and will follow me outside of my dreams. Because of this, I think it's a bit closer to a tulpa or something than strictly a dream character.

I really like the diversity, form, and mechanitions of living things and nature. Because of that, I'm fascinated with genetics (or the body of living things), and neurology and psychology (or the mind of living things.)

The creature I'm talking to you about calls itself 'Ink,' it can talk and hold intelligent conversation, has feelings and emotion, and can manipulate my dreams. It also helped with homework when I was younger. It has terrible math skills, and struggles adding more than two digit numbers, but is very wise and has offered me life advice when I was feeling down.

Ink is also very frightening and is a fearsome predatory beast. It's jet black with sunken in pinprick red eyes and long, sharp teeth on a vulpine head, held up proudly by powerful yet graceful muscles. It has a serpentine body, and is a constrictor. It stalks me and looks at me like I'm its prey, and will barrel after me once it has a clear shot at me, silently gaining on me as I run. When it catches me, it first lets out these demonic shrieks and growls and bares its fangs, but then begins to act puppyish, drooling happily, hugging/holding me down, nuzzling, and nipping at my ears and gnawing and licking me all over.

I'm on this forum because I--and this dream creature--would like to know where some other people with these types of "Companions that Follow you out of your Dreams" are.

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