"Lucid" Dreaming Within a Dream

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"Lucid" Dreaming Within a Dream

Postby fregthedergon » 30 May 2017 05:46

The past couple of times I tried to have a lucid dream I had a lucid dream within a dream.
Let's try explaining this:

I fall asleep into a dream I think I have control over, but I dont. I "wake up" within the dream and i think about how I just had a "lucid" dream. But, when I do actually wake up, I realize it wasn't a lucid dream, and I didn't accomplish what I wanted to do.

What should I do?

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Re: "Lucid" Dreaming Within a Dream

Postby Pshemox » 10 Jun 2017 12:23

I think you are really close to achieve lucid dreaming and solution to your problem is quite simple. In my opinion best way to have a lucid dream is to make reality check often in real life. For example my reality check is to take a good look at my hand and because I do it often there is high possibility that I would do it in a dream and then I would notice that im dreaming. So what you got to do is to train with your reality check and do it every time you wake up. If you would do it every time you wake up then you will start doing it when you wake up in your dream too and this way you will always know if you were having a dream in a dream.

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