going back to school/in bed with Captain Kirk

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going back to school/in bed with Captain Kirk

Postby Nickfan40 » 01 Jun 2017 16:57

This is a dream I had last night after reading some erotic fan fiction and listening to my theta wave cd.

I was lying in bed about to wake up when my mom came to wake me up. I know it was pretty early in the morning, but I didn't see a clock and it was pretty dark outside. I hear her say to get ready for school; I am going to high school. "WHA-A-A-A-T?!", I think, I've been out of school since 1994. Did someone change the rules and I have to go back, at the age of 41. I didn't eat breakfast, but just grabbed a handful of chocolate chip cookies and head out the door, I can't taste the cookies.

I am standing at the bus stop with some kids I know, and some kids I don't. We get on the bus and I can feel it moving. We get there and I am walking through the halls, seeing them just as I remember them. I walk past the office, which is not where I remember it, and end up in the library, but it doesn't look like I remember.

I am lying in my mother's bed, and the room looks like it does in real life. I turn over and see that I am in bed with Captain Kirk from St:TOS. He's smiling at me, so I guess we had just had sex and I pleased him, but I can't remember. In these dreams, it's like someone has pushed the fast-forward button on an old VCR. I put my head on his chest, which is hairless, and put my arms around him. He feels cuddly, like a teddy bear.

Later on, I am out-of-body and see us spooning. Wow, I think, this theta wave cd is working!

In 1995, the high school I attended was remodeled. My family and I went to some rummage sales in the cafeteria the girls soccer team had to raise funds. I was surprised at how good it looked. I never went inside the actual building, so I really don't know what it looked like, but probably some things got moved around or changed. If I had to go back to high school at my age, I would go, but under these conditions: The sun would have to be out, I would opt for the homeschooling on the computer, go to vocational school, and take PE at one of the local gyms. I hated gym class because we couldn't do what we wanted to do. I play the "if-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now-things-would-be-different" game with myself at times, and they would be different.

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