Is this hypnagogia?

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Is this hypnagogia?

Postby chilicat » 05 Jun 2017 21:23

I think I got close to hypnagogia last night. I was trying to go to sleep and relax, then I felt a weird floaty feeling. I didn't see vivid shapes or anything, but I did see something. Every time I breathed, there was a visual that's like when you put food coloring in water or creamer in coffee. I didn't see any colors, it was just darker than the "background" I was seeing. Then I just snapped out of it. I didn't fall asleep, I just went back to normal. Also, can doing this cause sleep paralysis? I'm kinda scared. And if I get sleep paralysis, how do I deal with it? I've never had sleep paralysis.

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Re: Is this hypnagogia?

Postby Bod » 22 Jul 2017 12:25

Hypnagogia can cover the whole gamut of the senses, including auditory, tactile, kinesthesia, etc. athough visual is the most commonly reported.

With sleep paralysis I think if you feed the mind (incubate) "scary stuff" beforehand or expect the worst then I would say this creates a negative expectation. For example you only have to read some of the reports on Reddit, etc. and all the other scare stories and memes online. This creates a fear factor before you even start. Nearly, if not all of my lucid dreams are DILDs. I never get sleep paralysis in those.
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