Lucid Dreams in VR games to Save the World !!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid Dreams in VR games to Save the World !!

Postby sanzo128 » 09 Jun 2017 20:58

Hi guys,

Im 32, I read about Lucid dreams a while back..

And I just came out from a Lucid Dreams.. It was amazing and crazy.. I am fully aware what is happening and able the recall it..

At first I thought of I was possesed by demon or ghost choking me.. As I was unable to move my body but I am 100% awake. I thought the Death Angel visited me.

But there is "someone" or a "group of them" are guiding me in the dream. I was sleeping at the cafeteria area. (I am working). At first they kept showing me "threats" in real world. And I was trying to rescue a fire in my office. Then they show images and sounds in real life to try to wake me up. I did woke up and saw someone in the cafeteria lounge area, then the person disappear. The scene/environment in the dream is 100% matched real world.

The strange things start to happens, I went back to my sleeping position in the dream. And this time I got locked in the position. Then my view was the ceilings, it started to show images and screen.. As if it was trying to show me some wording and secrets to unlock the mysterious knowledge to save the world. I was panicking. I keep trying to move my body in the dream, but it still couldn't move. It seems they want me to relax myself. Then I keep hearing noises, of some characters of "good" people in my life, like my teacher/friends/cartoon/gaming/anime characters, suddenly I see all of them "appear" try to tell me to relax and "submit" my will and "dive" in deeper.

Then I feel my hands and legs are being plugged in by wires/cables.. And the back of my brains to. Then I "dive" in. I hear 3 voices now.. A girl, a junior guy and another senior guy. They are speaking Japanese. I cant fully understand them, I have limited command in Japs.

Then my screen is like inside a VR games, slaughtering alien tentacles monsters, and 3 of them are saying stuff like, "Are you sure this guy is the one who is able to save us?"

And my movement in the game was "guided" by them, they seems to like running tutorial stage with me. And I was able to clear it and at of the first stage, I was able to saved "two female characters".

Then it proceed to 2nd stage, this time they did not guide me, this is when I realized I have full control of it. But the control is too complicated, coz the movement is controlled by my 10 fingers and legs toes. Coz they plugged in wires/cables to it. The 3 voices were saying I played pretty good and suddenly the is disruption of image or connection. Im too frustrated for the controls and it woke me up from the dream.. I try to "dive" in again and fail.

So I woke up and decided to join this forum. Hope to learn how to "dive" into Lucid dreams again. Hope I can continue to play the game and save the world !! Haha

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