Terrorist invasion of sorts

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Terrorist invasion of sorts

Postby MaltoxTv » 12 Jun 2017 16:00

Initially I was just walking through an empty building. There was two stories, the entrance, a gym in the middle, and somewhere in the back staircase to the top of the building that from my perspective was many stories, estimates between 20-25. There were 5 people up there, 2 woman that appeared familiar at the time but I don't know them in real life. The 3, was a guy that I never spoke to. The other two however where terrified and bundled up in blankets.
The first character I met was while I was initially exploring the building. I walked from the back into the gym (in hindsight impossible since the entrance was at the front) and out through the front door. For no reason I can currently remember I turned around and lunged at the man, probably around 17. It wasn't hostile but abrupt. The guy went insane. He jumped backwards, fell on the floor, writhed while screaming "I'm high I don't know what to do" "What's going on help me man." That's where everything turned very, very dark. I heard gunshots and screaming scattered throughout the building (after the mans reaction) and tried to calm the man down. I said "It's alright just walk with me to the bathroom, it'll be fine." and he immediately complied. I noticed he was carrying a bag, which I can only assume contained shrooms.

We walked out of the gym carefully and hastily walked down the hall to the bathroom. The exact details after this point are hazy, but it ended with the man being killed in front of me in a peculiar way. The unidentified attackers were using a gun that seemed to "charge up" and squealed for 2-3 seconds before firing. However when the bullet lands on somebody, they seem to have their insides blown out with allot of force and their skin disappears. The gun streaks the room in blood every time it kills somebody.

My purpose in the building isn't clear, why I was walking around is still unknown, and why I tended to people isn't clear either. I didn't know why I was where I was, why I was doing what I was doing. I was just walking around mindlessly and helping people who asked or obviously needed it. That is until I randomly saw a man convulse, panic then get blown apart.
I sprinted across the hall and made it into a room of some sorts. I'm not sure where or what but it felt like some sort of walk-in closet that had large horizontal boards staples to the wall 8-10 inches above each other. I climbed to the top of the boards and moved blankets out of my way. I layer there until the attack had ended.

The aftermath was devastating. Even though I remember there being nobody there prior to the start of the attack, there was remains and blood splattered everywhere throughout the building. I walked upstairs to see what had happened.

I sat next to one of the girls and had a conversation. I don't remember the contents of the conversation but it ended in her asking me to get water. At this point the building was filled with people again. They had guns but I don't remember any particular uniform. I walked down the stairs only for a second attack to begin.

This time was much bloodier than the first. Around 15 attackers were placed throughout the small 2 story building. I was in the middle of walking down the stairs when I heard the squeal and a red mass of blood and organs was splattered on the ground and adjacent wall. I don't remember much at this point, just pure terror. A gun went off on the stairs above me and killed somebody a few steps away from me and the blood was splattered all over the stairs and me. I sprinted down the remaining steps and to the right through the gym door to avoid being killed by the first attacker. Many people were killed, I can remember about 8/9 and only a few gunshots were fired at the attackers. I managed to get upstairs somehow. There's a large gap in the story here and i'm assuming I just "left" my previous bad scenario and teleported into a new dream scene.

I talked with the people there for a moment when an attacker sprinted up the stairs and fired at the two guys. While he was firing at them I tackled the man, knocking him and I down the stairs. We continued to struggle for a few seconds before "cops" (the un-uniformed armed people) showed up. There was two of them pointing a gun directly at the attacker, who was now pointing a gun at me. No words were exchanged, and a few seconds later I heard the squeal.
That's when I woke up.

I remember this dream rather vividly, which is unusual considering I am a consistent weed smoker. Normally I don't remember dreams at all. The other night I had researched allot into lucid dreams and how they work mentally and scientifically. I researched induction techniques, etc. I decided I am going to go about a month without smoking to test lucid dreams and increase dream recall.

Lucid dreaming has been on my mind allot recently and I have had 2 fairly vivid dreams in the past week. This is very weird considering I haven't dreamed once in the 9 months since I began smoking heavily, but just had two within a week. If I can recall dreams while my rem is being effected by weed I am excited to find out what my capabilities are while clean. Eventually I would prefer to train to lucid dream and smoke at the same time.

My last semi-lucid dream (the 2nd dream I mentioned) was seemingly initiated by my father, who said something along the lines of "careful you don't want to make a mistake" while I was flying. Yeah, flying without being in a lucid dream or initiating it yourself. I genuinely felt what it would be like to fly. The transition between being effected by gravity, floating, and being propelled upwards were very defined. I felt the air around me and I could cleanly control my flight.

I was in a gym with many other people (and in hindsight was the only person flying) and was flying from wall to wall. I was experimenting with flying forward with allot of velocity and then "drifting" as I changed the speed and direction of my velocity. I could do this very rapidly allowing for intricate landings even after going full speed toward a wall, the "drifting" towards the floor.

The weird thing is, I wasn't lucid. I had not realized I was dreaming, I didn't attempt to spawn things in or manipulate my dreamscape. I could just genuinely understand, feel, and use my "flight" ability

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