Being Mad. Being consumed By Purple (Swelling?)

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Being Mad. Being consumed By Purple (Swelling?)

Postby LearningToDream » 14 Jun 2017 21:12

Latest Lucid dream (Short)

I was walking around in darkness, with my arms crossed, I was in a rush, walking as fast as I could, then I saw two figures asking me what was wrong, I snapped for some reason, rambling on about how "They are out to get me" "This isn't fair" etc. I was rambling on like a mad man. The two man were trying to help me when thunder struck and I snapped again screaming at them. I then pointed to my head and started to bang on it with my finger. I told them that it's too late and I uncrossed my arms, I looked at my hands and they were purple, I was shocked, angry, scared. I started to panic while the two men just stood and stared, they were speaking, still trying to help me while I was screaming "No! This can't be happening!" The dark purple spread from my hands into my arms and with one final scream it ended.

I thought the purple could be swelling however it was really dark purple and didn't look like a swollen hand etc.

Just a weird dream I had, placing it here so I can look back on it for later I guess lol. Apologies for grammar :P

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