lucid dreamer from South Africa

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lucid dreamer from South Africa

Postby dbz » 15 Jun 2017 11:03

Hi all

I have been a lucid dreamer for as far back as 2002, i have a journal where i have written down my dreams and up to a certain extent learnt how to decipher them. I have done meditation learnt how to oberseve, sense and control emotion,i have studied about the human body its connection with the stars and come to realise that the aura and our mind state need cleansing as well as our physical bodies. I have fought spirits and helped others, i have been a vegetarian for 3 months and got to understand that how you enter the spirit world greatly matters.

During this time my powers were grealty multiplied and it got to the point where i felt i was been used as a tool to fight evil of which i enjoyed cause mostly i would win. If i didnt not win when cornered i would and still do use what Goku from the cartoon series Dragon Ballz calls Kao Ken and disappear from that place living enemies eluded. I personally believe the physical world is an illusion and hides a deeper truth to our true identities.

One dream that stands out and still gives me the creeps is one that i encountered a great grey void that seemed like an endless ocean where it felt as if my soul was being pulled towards it. The place has no emotion, dark and has no end to it. It happened when i realised i was dreaming and wanted to find out the ends of the landscape and thats when i came across the great void. I panicked and begged to the creator to get me back to my body,on my way back to my body i could read a chickens thoughts (which was feeding outside my room) i returned after an intense struggle and kicking my feet, when i awoke i was blinking and hyperventilating as if my soul had left my body temporarily.

I was scared the whole of that day and vowed to never explore in dreams again but i couldnt as i still do everyday. Some people who told me about this dream say i should have gone inside the void and that it was a calling of some kind. I doubt it.

Does anybody know where this was or where i was?

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