2nd dream in a month. I dont like this.

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2nd dream in a month. I dont like this.

Postby lostmyshades » 29 Jul 2012 12:21

Tonight i had the 2nd of what im assuming is a hypnagogic hallucination. Maybe someone here can confirm. Ill start off by telling you im a 28 year old United States Marine, and these 2 experiences have terrified me more than anything iv ever experienced.

#1(tonight): I woke up from an actual dream where i was watching movies with my father and friend years ago when i was just a kid. I woke up and rolled over onto my right side, my attention immediately went to the fan i keep on for white noise, and the feel of the wind blowing against my back( i grew up with a fan on to help me fall asleep) . A moment later I cant move, completely paralyzed, panic sets in. Then out of nowhere I hear something that sounds like a speak-and-spell(that children's toy with the robot voice) say something like "noelle?" or "no hell?". As if that wasnt terrifying enough, that's when something "scurried" up onto the bed with me, something smaller than myself, but the way it climbed up made me think it moved on all-fours like an animal. It felt like it climbed right over top of me and brought its face down to the side of mine to get a better look at me. At this point im forcing my eyes shut hoping whatever is happening is going to end soon. I open my eyes and didnt dare try to move...not until I knew for sure everything was back to normal, i just kept staring straight ahead until I eventually tried to wiggle my fingers, then toes, then i jumped out of bed, grabbed my cigarettes and went for the door. Thats about the best i can explain it, and it happened maybe 30 minutes ago.

#2(a few weeks ago): My bed is about 15 ft away from the door and usually when im dozing off the last thing ill see is the outline of light around the door from the hallway light. This particular night was the same, until the light around the door got very dim, once again i couldn't move. My blood instantly ran cold, the fan started blowing like a tornado. My sheets where whipping against me violently and all this was accompanied by a very loud, animal-like growl. I remember distinctly thinking to myself "please God, no". Just as quickly as it happened, it ended. The wind died down, and the light became brighter.

Im not sure if i can convey through writing the pure terror that races through me during these dreams. If anyone has any insight, itd be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: 2nd dream in a month. I dont like this.

Postby Dreamer3456 » 29 Jul 2012 16:02

They are slepp paralysis hallucination. Next time it happens just remember theyre not real. Whenever they happen to me I just say hi pr how are you to the dream hallucination. They get really pissed and just leave since they couldnt scare me well at least that worked with me. Don't be afraid just ride it through untill its done.

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Re: 2nd dream in a month. I dont like this.

Postby jamjam » 29 Jul 2012 16:25

If you close your eyes or move around your body will tell your brain that you're still awake...
It's just a natural defence mechanism... to stop your body from acting out dreams...
It's also a lucid dream technique... (WILD)

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