Subconcious told me to lucid dream and then took me through a really weird dream

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Subconcious told me to lucid dream and then took me through a really weird dream

Postby jchristina » 21 Jun 2017 14:04

I had the weirdest dream last night. Originally, it was one of my normal, boring dreams and I was just wandering around and old lazer tag warehouse i used to go to as a kid, i'm sure there was more to the dream but thats all i remember.
As I walked past a three sided pod I noticed on one of the sides there was a Massive Yellow sign bolted onto it, i kind of glanced at it, walked of then got curious and walked back over. Up to this point i had no idea i was dreaming.

The sign said "WARNING this is a dream" and after that everything else in the dream dissapearred except for the sign and I was floating. I've had problems with lucid dreaming before because as soon as i realise i'm dreaming i wake up involuntarily as when i was a kid i had alot of nightmares so taught myself to wake up when things got to bad and now i can't help it.

I continued to read the sign "You need to relax your whole body, every muscle" And i did and the weirdest thing happend i could really feel my dream body, like i could FEEL it! I even felt like i'd relaxed maybe too much and felt like i really needed to pee but i ignored it and it went away. I imagined a hand on my shoulder and i felt it, i imagined feeling hungry and i felt it. It was creepy because i had started to wake up very slightly and could also slightly feel my real body too. My dream body was limp but face down and my real body was on its side but i felt my real body in a sort of fuzzy way that felt less real and i couldn't have moved it if i tried but i could feel my dream body.

That all happened before i even read the next line because the sign was still there!! The sign then said some nonsense like "You need to try and close off your right eye and look beyond them" or something like that that didn't really make any sense but it worked. The sign was gone and i couldn't feel my real body anymore and i was just floating and the sign was gone.

This was the first time i'd ever been fully "lucid" so i tried something i'd read online and asked to talk to my subconcious. In a few moments a dream world started to form around me and i was in some underground concrete tunnels witha woman in her twenties (i'm 16) and she was leading me through them. She started to tell me a story of some children that had become trapped in the concrete and it was our job to save them. It didn't make any sense because she said they were trapped IN the concrete so i asked how they weren't dead and she said they were.

We then went into a large square concrete room still underground but with wide glass tube witha red hatch in the front came down from the ceiling. The woman i was with then turned a red handle on the side and a liquid started coming down the tube, she turned the handle back, opened the hatch and helped out a boy. She then repeated this again and again until there were about 10-12 children with us form the ages of 9 to about 15 with one little girl called Hayr who looked only about 5.

Hayr stuck out to me as a really weird name and was the only one i knew, none of the others seemed to have names and i didn't pay any of them as much attention as Hayr so i looked up the name online to see if it was real of not. Turns out its a surname with the "Meaning: Inner, Thought, Mind, Psychology, Secret, Mystic, Strange, Study, Knowledge, Loneliness, Rest" acording to .Which i think is crazy!

We sat around the edges of the room and began to talk to the kids, one girl with long dark hair said she wanted to call her mum on my phone because she must be worried that she'd been gone such a long time. The Woman I was with then whispered to me that she wouldn't be able to because they'd been stuck in the concrete for 100 years and her mum would be dead too. I then asked the child how she knew about mobile phones (without mentioninghow long she'd been gone for) and she replied with "We know everything thats been happening, we can tap into other peoples dreams and see everything, the internet, phones, everything. Thats where we've been all this time".

The Woman I was with then showed me that some dark shadowy figures had appeared from exactly where we did and were coming along the same tunnels we had and were after us. She grabbed Hayr and then started running, the rest of us followed and she yelled "SPLIT" and at first i thought she just meant split up so i ran down a tunnel to the right while she went left but she yelled it at least two more times and i noticed that i couldn't see her or the other kids even those who went right with me except one ahead of me. When she yelled split again, what was a wall in front of him turned into two pathways and he sprinted down one of them. I then tried it but couldn't manipulate the dream would properly and couldn't create new paths like all of the other kids could. The kids had been changing and manipulating my entire drea world as if it was there own.

I then heard the woman yell "Hayr" then the cracking sound a split made and crying in the opposite direction to the woman and ran towards the crying a found Hayr in a corner by herself. I remember her features so clearly, she har blonde ringlet hair and a pink bow and a cream but dirty dress on, green eyes and i'd never seen her before. Normally people in my dreams are either blurry and i can't make them out or people i know in real life but she wasn't. All the other kids were like this too but Hayr even more so. I grabbed her hand and ran towards an opening. There were doors on the wall that looked kind of like school lockers. And heard the woman yell "They're coming you need to make an exit". I heard loads of cracking sounds i could only imagine were the other kids creating doorways out and leaving but i couldn't imagine hard enough. I kept opening the doors to concrete not doorways. But then i saw a shadow creature come around the corner, panicked slightly and new i had to get Hayr out of there no matter what. And suddenly i was strong and felt powerful chose a yellow door thought really hard and it swung open to a white portal type things and jumped through it with Hayr while simulatneously opening a trap door to swallow up the shadowy being. I had actually controlled the dream world and it felt so cool, but it was also really confusing that it seemed to be everyones dream world not just mine and i wasn't the only one controlling it.

Once through the portal Hayr was gone, i knew she was safe i could just feel that she was back where she was meant to be but i had no idea where i had ended up. Everything felt very real, it wasn't dream-like or magical, i didn't feel powerful or strong. I was in a store. A store like Debenhams or Primark but one i'd never been to and people were just looking at me because i was just stood there covered in grey dust (looked like concrete). People i'd never seen before, i didn't recognise them at all and some pretended they weren't looking some really stared. For some reason i had the urge to ask what the date was so i asked a cashier what year it was and she said "2011" and then everything started to slip away and i woke up. I woke up past midday, 12:20 to be exact. Luckily i had no where to be.

It was the weirdest experience ever and even if no one reads it i just wanted to get it written down somewhere.

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Re: Subconcious told me to lucid dream and then took me through a really weird dream

Postby jenniferever » 24 Jun 2017 20:18

This story/dream is incredible. Especially how complex it was with the dead knowing the future and being trapped perhaps were they had perished? I just recently had a lucid dream for the first time, and like you I didn't know what the hell to do. Thanks for the read, I could imagine it all playing out in my mind. -Jen

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Re: Subconcious told me to lucid dream and then took me through a really weird dream

Postby Crow648 » 11 Aug 2017 08:22

DANG DUDE. . . All I can tell you is that that was a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY powerful dream. It seems like something inside of you, your conscious or subconscious was trying to help you in some way. . . help you achieve something greater/help you learn something or help you fix something. The sign you read had actual techniques many people including myself use so that Lucid Dreaming is easier. Once you did as you were told you were left in a blackness free to ask or do whatever you want, and out of all the things you could have possibly said or wanted you chose to talk to your subconscious, now that is a very peculiar question to ask seeing as the subconscious is the most mysterious part belonging to a human being. I think you were meant to ask that question, and so it was set in motion, something wanted you to learn something.

-Now going on to the Tunnels, this is what possibly intrigues me the most because you said you wanted to talk to your subconscious therefor you needed to get to the deepest part of your mind in order to do so, the tunnels represent your inner subconscious or deepest level, the tunnels are proof that you actually were in your subconscious.

-Now moving on to the woman, the woman can represent a bunch of different things but here is one I can come up with, she is your guardian or protecter, she is in charge of taking care of you when you enter certain parts of your mind that can be potentially dangerous she will guide you through the best of her ability however, she is not there to take care of your problems, she is there to warn you of their dangers and she will help you with them but not all, there will come where sometimes you must take action for yourself, when you take action for yourself you mature and learn much quicker and makes a youer you, making a better human being in the process.

-Now moving onto the children in the walls, I believe this is a representation to your dreams, hopes, expectations or goals you had as a kid, but through time they became lost or broken therefor sealed away forever until the time deems itself right to release those dreams so they can go into the other minds of other children throughout the world in hopes to accomplish and release those dreams in order to make the world a better place. (That idea seems plausible because I quote from your words, or Hayr's words I should say, "We know everything thats been happening, we can tap into other peoples dreams and see everything, the internet, phones, everything. Thats where we've been all this time". Backing up my theory that maybe it could be possible that the children are forgotten dreams that can plant themselves into another child's mind. And they can "see/know" everything because they're inside the very walls of your subconscious and scientists claim that the subconscious sees, hears, smells, tastes, and feels greatly then we ever hope to comprehend.) So now that I have explained what the "children" are and what they're their in your mind for and how all of that could be a possibility now I can talk just a bit more about some other things. The other children or dreams never stuck out to you because they weren't the right dream for you however, you did mention that "Hayr" was the girl that got your attention the most and the only name you knew out of all the children. Hayr is your dream, try looking more into that name and maybe you can follow your dream fully someday.

-As for those shadows the so called "demons" (as I call them) within your mind, its what your mind fears most. I could talk a bit more but I'm going to end it here, I'm a spiritual and supernatural believer so I took the interpretation from my knowledge of a spiritual and supernatural perspective and translated it into this. So with that said please don't take this as a perfect interpretation of your dream, there are literally hundreds of ways to interpret this from all kinds of different perspectives I am only one. Hope this helps. 8-)

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