shopping in a book store/calling my mother

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shopping in a book store/calling my mother

Postby Nickfan40 » 23 Jun 2017 00:40

A few days ago, I discovered the Facebook games. Right before I go to bed each night, I play a few. They've done some pretty strange things to my dreams. Here's one I had just the other night:

I am shopping in a bookstore that looks like a cross between Friends Book Cellar, a bookstore in the basement of the main branch of my local library and the now defunct music/movie store Musicland. I see a pink neon sign across the room, but can't remember what it says when I wake up, so it must be Musicland; it *feels* like it.

I am looking through some dvds, turning the shelf as I go. I see the Peter Lorre movie, Beat the Devil, but I already have that one. I see some Boris Karloff and Abbott & Costello dvds, but I already have them, too. Then, I do something that I have not done since I was too young to know any better: I stole a dvd, but I didn't know the title of it. I put it between the waistband of my pants and undershirt and tried to act casual about it. It was like I was invisible because no one saw me.

I walked over to a table of "old-time" Walkmans, but they didn't have what I was looking for. A man walks up to the counter to sell something and it's like a pawn shop now, because I see Rick Harrison and Chumlee. I'm not sure what the man wants to sell but I hear Rick whisper, "He probably wants to buy a 'pint' with it!" I realize now that I am in some other country, where they use the word "pint" for how they measure beer in either England, Scotland or Ireland, but I'm not sure which country I'm in.

I walk out the front door, but no alarm bells sound. The building looks like any other "brick-and-mortar" store, but it was made from beige stone. I walk down the street and a woman runs up to me, saying that I have to help them find Data (from Star Trek: The Next Generation). I can no longer feel the dvd in my pants. I must have lost it. I am running down a hill, trying not to fall, then across a wooden bridge with a rail on either side; I can feel my feet hitting the ground and can see really green grass and blue sky. I see a young Captain Kirk with his green tunic and black pants, and Dr. Mccoy. Have they been called in on the search?

I run to a closed door that looks like to a factory and open the door. Instead of a factory, I see a room with tiled walls and floor, and three people, a fat blonde woman, a man that looks like actor Len Cariou, and another man. I ask the woman if I can use her cell phone, because I have to make a long distance call to my mother to tell her I'll be a little late getting home. She allows me to. It is then that I hear someone say that we are in Scotland. I'm worried about being late getting home, and I wake up. I never do find out what happened to Data. :lol: :(

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