Lucid flying and wizards

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid flying and wizards

Postby Istari dreamer » 23 Jun 2017 15:42

Hey! Just a quick excerpt before I begin sharing my dream from last night. I just joined this site, I've had a few lucid dreams In my life, but lately I've started reading just how powerful, and helpful your dreams can be. so I joined this site in hopes to talk to other dreamers, and make some real progress. Please feel free to add any info you might feel would help, and thanks for reading :). -6/23/17 The first part of the dream is a little hard to pin down, but basically I'm walking with a group of people I don't recognize, parallel to a beautiful green valley. For some reason one of our group splits off to meet another man in the valley with the intent of shooting one another. As soon as the guy from our group gets killed he starts to come after us, the next thing I know I'm partly lucid, just enough to have partial control over my flying abilities. After some aimless flying at night I come across a group of wizards in training. About two dozen students clad in robes face each other, one side would shoot a light wispy sort of spell at the other side, and that side had to absorb the spell in the tree branch-like staffs they had. I remember feeling excited and full of energy, but when it was my turn, I dropped the staff, and if you've seen dragon ball Z, I got into a stance as if I were about to shoot a kamehameha, and when I thrust my hands forward a large fireball appeared. There was an older, tan man there with white hair and beard, who I believe was the teacher, seemed impressed. But then the dream faded out and I woke up

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Re: Lucid flying and wizards

Postby IvoryPavo » 27 Jun 2017 16:08

I've had much experience with flying in my dreams! I made it a point once to look over my shoulders while airborne to see if anything was holding me up, and I found a lovely pair of white iridescent wings.

It did take some time to learn how to properly fly at first, as my first attempts were a bit hectic and I kept losing balance. I'm sure it would've been a sight to see for anyone watching. :lol: But now I've gained a fair amount of control in flight, be it conjuring my wings while free falling or shooting up from the earth to evade an enemy. It certainly comes in handy, but it requires a lot of concentration. I'll have to envision my wings forming or create that sensation in my shoulder blades to coax them out (which isn't always comfortable).

As for your wizard encounter, that sounds very interesting! I'd be impressed as well if I saw one demonstrate such remarkable feat. :)

It's nice to meet another with the ability of flight. Also, welcome to the site!
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