Overthrowing a King

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Overthrowing a King

Postby IvoryPavo » 28 Jun 2017 14:39

(This is a bit lengthy.. Sorry!)

I was in a vast castle made of stone, the interior and exterior very dull. The most I remember seeing were hanging tapestries, candelabras, and a single red carpet with gold trim leading from the front doors, through the main entrance, and up the grand staircase. The way the candlelight flickered against the walls and cast shadows gave the dream an ominous vibe, and the fact that it was overcast outside only helped with that feeling. I remember a threatening storm, the only thing happening of it being soft rumbles of thunder.

I was either a maid or a visitor in the castle, as I wasn't properly dressed to be anything higher than a peasant. I also recall being considerably smaller than everyone else; I was at least to their waists. I know I wasn't unnaturally small, but rather everyone else was curiously tall. I felt I was my natural height.

Later into the dream I remember I was betrothed to the king, a man I'd not yet encountered. I was obviously very confused about this (and rather alarmed) and was strongly against the marriage. Come the time of the ceremony my previous gown was replaced with a cream frock, hardly looking like a proper bride, while the king was in all of his gala, completed with the classic Elizabethan attire. He was muttering on to me about something, but I wasn't paying him much attention - I was too busy plotting how to get out of this situation.

Then, when the king and I were at the altar, I noticed I was now considerably taller than he. I'd been maybe to his waist as well, but now he was to my shoulders. I looked around ... it seemed that I was now the curiously tall one. I looked back to the king, who was staring down at our clasped hands - his grip obviously the only one present, as I kept limp and despised touching him - and decided that I was going to steal his crown.

My goodness, I'm going to steal something. And not just something. A crown! A crown that loon probably doesn't deserve.

And so I did. I slapped his hands away, stole his crown, and sprinted out of the chamber. I'd no idea what on earth I was going to do with the thing, so I just kept running. I ran up the steps and into the first set of doors at the top, slamming it shut behind me and hooking my fingers into the grooves of the crown, letting it fall to my side. I didn't even hear a ruckus in turn of my action, which struck me oddly.

I looked around the room I was in and found it to be a large bedroom clad in gold. I trudged in, plopping down on some golden platform at the foot of a chair, ripping at my corset to loosen it for breath, when I heard low growling to my left. (I absolutely hate dogs, so I was terrified at the sound.) I tentatively looked over and found a rather athletic-looking mutt, maybe a doberman? It was an albino with tan patches all over it, but it had the most unnerving set of teeth I'd ever seen in a canine. I tried backing away but it charged, chomping into my neck and refusing to let go. I shrieked and cried, swatting at it to try and knock it away, but I soon realized that I felt no pain. In fact, I was instead growing very annoyed.

I let my discomfort take control and I swiftly moved a hand to its ribs, pushing with such force that the dog was sent flying, smacking against the nearby wall. (Sorry to any dog lovers for this next part! :? ) I went after it and pinned it down, pressing my thumbs against its throat and constricting my grasp slowly. The creature never whimpered, only growled and snarled, still attempting to bite me. Soon enough it was dead, and I sat up feeling rather woozy. I looked to the shattered bit of wall (also gold) from the dog's impact and saw my reflection. I was dressed in red, the new piece fastened over my old dress. The red piece tied up the bust but split at my hips to reveal my frock underneath. The sleeves were dramatic, flowing downward at my elbows. I now looked queenly, and the king's crown was atop my head. I also noticed my wounds were gone - not a scar, not a stain of blood.

I exited the room to stand at the top of the staircase and the castle's staff was gathered there, moving about as if preparing for some event. Their movements ceased when I appeared and they all stared up at me, looking rather glad and at peace, like my stealing of the crown and no negativity bound to it. I strolled down the steps and everyone went back to their business, so I decided to go out to the patio. It was raining now, but lightly enough where I could still walk from one end to the other to recuperate.

Then I saw the king... He was in his undergarments, a royal cape being the only thing to shelter him from the rain. He was pointing to the sky and giggling like a madman, hopping in place a few times, only moving his eyes to look at me while he had his little fit. The display was a bit unnerving and I think I called for the guards, but I don't really remember. :lol: It was all so very strange. I remember looking out to the forest just beyond the castle grounds, looking for someone. I was suddenly expecting guests, important figures, and they were coming, but that's where the dream fades. :x
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