What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Postby IvoryPavo » 29 Jun 2017 15:35

There's one reoccurring character who appears in and out of my dreams, and I've learned that her name is Lily. She's usually surrounded by light but it doesn't emit from her, she just seems to bring it along. It'll bleed through the dark, suffocate it from my head when I need it most.

I was first "introduced" to her through reality; I'd hear her name called, read it in books or ads - I heard and saw her everywhere. I spoke to my mother about the occurrence and she told me to ask for her, ask her to reveal herself. So I did. One night I went to bed with the intention of meeting this mysterious Lily, and I did... partially. In her first appearance she was surrounded by white light and I only saw her from the chest upward. Her hair was a fiery red and it flowed down over her bare, pale front. Her eyes were kept closed, a soft smile upon her lips, and she was speaking but I never saw her mouth move. She kept that same grin yet her voice echoed around me, telling me to be calm, that she was watching over me, and that I could be at peace.

In the following dreams I remember playing with Lily, but I never saw her full face. She always had her back to me. All I can remember is her flowing white gown and red hair, both tending to billow from her whenever she ran from me in our few games of tag. She was a very playful being, and very pure. Sometimes if I'm doubting myself or get in an uncomfortable situation I'll hear her name or feel her presence, but it's not as often as it used to be. Maybe she's still with me but doesn't show herself because I haven't been in dire need for some time? I do miss her every now and then. I might try and ask for her again.

I have a few more characters but I think I'll spare the details, as I don't want to make this too lengthy. I know I'll get carried away, hah. :D But that's one of my dream characters!
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Re: Lily

Postby DreamerMan99 » 05 Aug 2017 03:54

Nice. I've never had a dream character that carried through many dreams.
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