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Postby L_u_m_e_n » 30 Jun 2017 00:43

Hello everyone. New here and excited to get this going.
So, I started LDing when I was about 5 and it was very sporadic and usually occurred with a recurring nightmare. The frequency increased as I got older through my teens and into young adulthood. At approximately 22-23 yrs. old the frequency and intensity of my LDs really began to increase to such an extent that I was finally able to conquer my recurring nightmare. At that time my abilities in LDs really began to pick up on small matters such as flying, supernatural powers, summoning people, etc.. For about the next 10 or so years after that the frequency continued to increase until I was having LDs just about every time I dreamt. So, for about 2 yrs. I was having LDs just about every night. Although, it started to cause issues in reality. I was LDing so often that I would literally sometimes feel more tired after dreaming, than before I went to sleep. So I finally started to seek out some information about what I had going on with my dreams and found out what it was called and that, of course, there were others out there that were experiencing the same things as myself, just not exactly. So now I had a name to call this ability but I still wasn't really able to make them stop. So, I continued to almost always feel drained for about another year, until this year. Just this month, about 2 weeks ago, I had finally had enough and was just about ready to seek some real help from a doctor. Before I decided to set out and try to explain this to a doctor and take a chance on being sent to a mental health facility, I decided to seek out once more for others like myself and try to gain some insight, or something, anything. I was amazed to find forums full of people with many different experiences and advice and techniques relating to lucid dreaming. I noticed that most people on the forums state that they have to train themselves to begin LDing so in a way they have to create an on-switch. I never had to try to have LDs, they just happened but I took that information, reversed engineered it and created my own off-switch, which turned out to be extremely easy. All it took was simply telling myself,"Tonight, I want to have normal dreams," and it worked. So, here I am about 5 days of no LDs, feeling fully refreshed physically and mentally as I've already drawn a little bit of insight from others that I've been able to scan my past dreams and draw even more experience from. I do feel that I've been lead here by greater powers that be and not sure what exactly is in store but I feel it's only direction it to even more LD control and understanding. As far as what actual LD ability I have, the most I can do right now is create voids from naturally created dreams and recreate and entire dream, to include content (with or without DCs) and direction. When I read some of the posts in these forums I can't help but to feel a little different as I never had to try to have a LD and my experiences has caused my perspective to be a bit different from what kinda seems to be "normal" within this community. Nonetheless, I am here, with open mind, planning to make the best of it!

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Re: Hello

Postby goldenrose » 30 Jun 2017 03:00

Welcome! I'm happy that you have found a way to turn your LD'ing "off", as doing so every night does sound exhausting. Good to let your brain rest every now and then!
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